Dan Collett

The Passion of Dan Collett

Dan was known for living life to its fullest and making those around him smile with every aspect of it. No shell was too hard for him to crack, no problem too daunting and no ski slope too powdery for him – all qualities which Dan excelled at doing. He lived every moment fully, making others around him feel joy.

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Early Life and Education

Dan is most passionate about spending his free time with his family. His two young sons, Campbell and Carson, bring great joy into his life; together they enjoy spending time outdoors and cooking together as well as playing games or exploring.

After graduating from Richmond Burton Community High School in 2007, he attained certifications with CompTIA A+, Network+ and Okta Administrator. Additionally, he joined the LDS church.

Dan’s closest friends describe him as an outgoing and friendly personality who loves having fun and is always looking forward to an adventure. He finds joy in serving at his church, lending a helping hand when needed and taking pride in being Mormon heritage. Furthermore, Dan possesses strong familial bonds who always show support when needed.

Professional Career

Dan Collett holds degrees in business management and organizational communication and has extensive experience across a wide array of business disciplines. He has developed and implemented training programs for senior executives, managers, sales personnel and field sales personnel around the world as well as consulting on corporate integration planning activities such as merger integration planning.

Dan was known for his infectious enthusiasm and ability to forge relationships and connections. He proudly led his high school cheer team as its yell leader and was an accomplished thespian who won a regional drama competition that provided him with a full scholarship at Brigham Young University’s Theater Department.

He currently works as the Valuation and Woodlot Manager at IFS Growth, in addition to acting as championship coordinator for the BRSCC SuperSport Endurance Cup.

Achievement and Honors

Dan was an accomplished cheer team yell leader and gifted thespian who excelled at regional drama competitions, winning full-ride theatre scholarships at Brigham Young University (BYU) as a result of winning an international drama competition. Following graduation he served a mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in Switzerland Zurich area; throughout his life Dan built strong relationships and made people feel part of something bigger; most important for him though was spending quality time with family – something which every day could never accomplish on its own!

Personal Life

Daniel Low was a dedicated son and brother, an enthusiastic outdoor adventurer and gifted musician who found great satisfaction from creating music with Vicki Low and their children, including Dan’s wife Sarah Collett; as well as numerous relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family and his beloved dogs Roscoe and Scout. His accomplishments will always remain proudly on display but family was his true source of happiness. Daniel will be sorely missed by his loved ones including his parents, siblings, longtime partner Vicki Low; their children including Sarah Collett; grandparents aunts uncles uncles uncles cousins extended family friends; grandparents aunts uncles uncles uncles cousins extended family friends; grandparents aunts uncles uncles cousins relatives extended family friends; extended family friends as well as beloved dogs Roscoe & Scout.

He was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and served in its Switzerland Zurich mission. He personified its spirit through deep empathy for people and community members alike, an endless energy and positivity which inspired everyone he encountered, an ability for creating strong and fulfilling relationships, leaving this world with a great sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness.

Net Worth

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