Dan Conboy

Dan Conboy – The Actor

Daniel Conboy has been President at Conboy & Mannion Contracting for 38 years and holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Chaminade University of New York. Additionally, Daniel is father to Natalie and Christian as well as brother of Timothy Thomas Patrick (TTP).

Early Life and Education

Dan Conboy was born August 31st 1977 in West Islip, New York and attended Chaminade High School and later the University of Virginia, graduating as valedictorian with distinction. He had an immense work ethic and strong faith. Additionally, he enjoyed golfing and boating activities, spending time with his family and being outdoors.

He leaves behind his parents and five siblings. Additionally, he was an active volunteer at QCT for years – founding member of its founder group!

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Professional Career

Dan Conboy was a proud member of UVA’s Theta Chi fraternity and worked in management and underwriting roles at American International Group Birmingham. He enjoyed golf, skiing and boating and had an ardent faith. Dan leaves behind a loving wife, children and extended family to remember his legacy.

Since QCT divided its managing artistic director position into both managerial and executive responsibilities four years ago, Conboy had filled both roles. On Jan 11 he will step down as interim Executive Director to make way for Burgundy Hill who will begin the new year helming QCT.

Personal Life

Conboy has always been an exceptionally kind and generous individual, with an exemplary work ethic. He greatly values family life. Additionally, Conboy enjoys golfing as well as boating and skiing trips.

He resides with Natalie and Christian in Vestavia Hills and attends St. Mary Church in Riverside as an active member.

Dan’s poetry is honest and personal, exploring themes ranging from serious to lighthearted. Full of rhythm and rhyme, his pieces communicate an important message that needs to be heard. Dan is passionate about the arts and is honored to be part of QCT’s legacy.

Net Worth

Daniel Conboy remains anonymous when it comes to his net worth; however, he is an immensely successful businessman with several automotive sector interests as well as being part-owner of NHL club New York Islanders and founder and chairperson of his foundation named after himself.

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