Dan Margolis

Dan Margolis

Dan Margolis is a criminal defense attorney practicing in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas. He has represented both adults and juveniles involved in criminal matters – from small offenses like speeding tickets to high-profile murder trials.

He has successfully arbitrated over one hundred commercial disputes – often those with millions at stake – and is a member of the American Arbitration Association.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Margolis hails from Northeast Ohio. After attending Carleton College for undergraduate studies and Vermont Law School for his legal education, Daniel began work as an Assistant Prosecutor in Cuyahoga County shortly thereafter. He held numerous departments including the Appeals Division and Arson Prosecution Unit as well as juvenile court. After entering private practice in 2000, he now represents clients throughout Northern Ohio counties and courts. Attorney Heisey is widely respected for his expertise in handling sexual and high-profile criminal matters, as well as acting as mediator and arbitrator. Additionally, he belongs to both the American Arbitration Association and FINRA’s Dispute Resolution Panels; having over two decades of experience with dispute resolution.

He has appeared on various television and radio programs, and is often invited to speak on legal matters.

Professional Career

Dan Margolis has over two decades of experience serving as both mediator and arbitrator, mediating complex matters such as private party disputes with US federal regulatory agencies such as EPA, DOEIDD, NASA and FAA; breach of contract cases; employment law cases alleging race/age discrimination/overtime pay compensation claims; as well as several international cases.

He has extensive experience defending criminal cases throughout Northern Ohio’s courts, representing adults and juveniles in cases that range from DUI to murder.

He has been selected as a Super Lawyers 2021-2022 based on an evaluation of 12 indicators, such as peer recognition and professional achievement in legal practice.

Achievement and Honors

Marjorie Margolis first gained interest in arson investigations and criminal law while participating as a volunteer fireman. Following graduation, he pursued this passion professionally by becoming an Assistant Prosecutor with Cuyahoga County’s Appeals Division as well as prosecuting cases in juvenile court.

He has received many honors and awards throughout his career, most recently receiving a Luce Foundation grant to support Rutgers Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies.

Well-known for his portrayal of drug kingpin Salamanca on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Giancarlo Esposito frequently collaborated with him in portraying Salamanca – the two had an intimate partnership which fans can revisit through various streaming services including Netflix.

Personal Life

Margolis made a name for himself both legally and theatrically, studying under Stella Adler before appearing in numerous theatrical productions before breaking into film and television roles.

Margolis was not only known for his acting talent but was also an esteemed attorney specializing in antitrust and business law. A respected member of his community and former leader with the Bar Association of Washington, DC.

His legacy lives on in his memorable portrayals and has left a significant mark on entertainment worldwide. On August 3, 2023 – at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City at age 83. His life and contributions will always be remembered fondly and his impactful legacy remains an unforgettable one.

Net Worth

At his death at age 83, Margolis was estimated to be worth approximately $2.5 million, thanks to his acting career and other business ventures such as skincare line development and mobile game app creation.

Notable movie roles he performed included Shadow in Brian De Palma’s 1983 movie Scarface and recurring roles in Darren Aronofsky films such as Pi, Noah and Black Swan. Additionally he appeared on several television series and played small parts in various stage productions.

As Carmine Conti in Your Honor Season 2, his final role was playing alongside Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. Beyond acting, he was also well known for his charitable works supporting children’s healthcare charities. His kind and generous personality will be greatly missed by many.

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