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Dan Nixon Joins the GW Men’s Basketball Team As a National Letter of Intent

Jamion Christian of George Washington Basketball announced Wednesday that three-star small forward Dan Nixon has signed a national letter of intent. Nixon hails from Maryland and joins an impressive roster that already features returning second leading scorer and double double performer James Bishop.

As Treasurer of MIA, Nixon helped organize the Montgomery bus boycott. Before activists could mount a legal challenge to segregated seating laws in Montgomery, they needed someone willing to break them and risk arrest in order to be successful with their court challenge. Nixon provided this service by participating in breaking them himself and risking arrest for his activism efforts.

Early Life and Education

Edgar Daniel Nixon was born in Lowndes County, Alabama to his mother after she passed away when he was young, raising him and his siblings by family members who cared for them. Though Nixon received little formal education he became adept in civics and public affairs – helping those disadvantaged negotiate with white law officers and civil servants.

He eventually joined A. Philip Randolph’s Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters union and played a significant role in helping its Montgomery branch organize. Additionally, he became an effective community activist who played an essential role in creating and orchestrating the bus boycott movement.

Nixon and Women’s Political Council leader Jo Ann Robinson decided to mount a legal challenge when Claudette Colvin was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat on segregated Montgomery buses, but without finding an ideal lead plaintiff with middle-class white support they lacked the necessary evidence for success.

Professional Career

Prior to joining our firm, Dan served for more than a decade as an Assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles where he conducted many jury trials and prosecuted white collar crimes such as mail fraud, healthcare fraud and defense contractor fraud. Additionally, he led multiple high-profile investigations as lead prosecutor.

Nixon first joined the civil rights movement by providing legal assistance for Rosa Parks when she was arrested for breaking Montgomery’s bus segregation ordinance. Nixon encouraged black leaders to organize a boycott of buses to show support for Parks; quickly spread by word of mouth.

Nixon became infuriated after The New York Times published leaked Pentagon Papers in 1971, sending shockwaves through his administration and prompting it to issue prior restraint injunctions against newspapers that published them.

Achievement and Honors

Edward Daniel Nixon was a key leader of the civil rights movement who organized and led the Montgomery bus boycott that propelled Martin Luther King Jr. into international fame. It was during this boycott that Nixon placed the call that brought King into its fold; additionally he helped organise and maintain its protest.

He was a member of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters union and an NAACP leader in Montgomery. He ran for county office and helped found Montgomery Voters League; furthermore, he marched alongside Rosa Parks during her struggle for voting rights.

The Nixon administration utilized the CIA and FBI to infiltrate, spy on, and discredit social activist groups including civil rights organizations, consumer protection groups, politicians, journalists and fund-raisers. This practice undermined freedom of association while contributing to its public perception as an oppressive one.

Personal Life

While working for the District Attorney, Dan worked closely with both his Assistant District Attorney and Special Circumstances Committee – reviewing whether to seek death penalties against those charged with crimes in California’s Central District.

Throughout the early 1940s, he helped organize and lead marches by the Montgomery Voters League to protest unfair voting laws. Additionally, he played an integral role in bailing Rosa Parks out of jail and using her case as the impetus behind starting the Montgomery Bus Boycott; recruiting Martin Luther King Jr. into joining it.

Nixon left MIA due to what he perceived to be class and education-based bias in leadership positions as well as what he saw as condescending treatment toward lower income blacks. He continued his community service work by serving as recreation director of one of New York City’s public housing projects.

Net Worth

Daniel is the CEO of Onshore Outsourcing, where his responsibilities include services, engagement management, team operations and programming/business management experience of over 15 years. Additionally, he has taught numerous college classes and seminars.

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