Dan Quarles

Dan Quarles

Dan Quarles is an experienced litigator with expertise in all forms of litigation and has successfully represented clients locally, regionally and nationally.

Daniel Quarles made an indelible mark on both Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens; in particular he inspired Jim in Twain’s novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Quarles was born into slavery in Caroline County, Virginia and brought with his family to Florida, Missouri by John Quarles who owned a store, thirty slaves and 250 acres. John also ran an insurance business.

He leveraged over two decades of experience in distribution and manufacturing environments to successfully navigate complex projects. He developed an in-depth knowledge of businesses’ requirements which allowed him to offer effective solutions and develop lasting relationships.

He is an experienced businessman with experience working with a diverse group of clients. His knowledge in both law and business have allowed him to establish a successful legal practice; clients trust him for sound advice that meets their specific needs. Furthermore, his depth of knowledge regarding local, state and federal business laws provides them with unparalleled assistance.

Professional Career

Dan Quarles possesses extensive civil litigation experience. He has successfully litigated cases all the way through trial and appeals proceedings, representing businesses and individuals in matters such as breach of contract disputes, collections claims and mechanic’s lien suits.

He has extensive experience handling criminal matters and his success has established him as one of the premier lawyers in his region.

Quarles contends that his criminal history points were improperly assessed in this case. According to him, the district court overstated their points total for Tennessee Aggravated Robbery convictions; this claim, however, cannot be sustained as Quarles already accrued three points at the time of revocation hearing and was therefore appropriately placed into Criminal History Category VI.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel draws upon 20+ years of experience in warehouse/distribution and manufacturing environments to manage complex projects efficiently and initiate cost-effective solutions for clients. His strong network of resources and multi-market collaboration produce occupancy savings for tenants located both within Gateway area as well as across Tampa industrial community.

Huggins-Quarles Awards honor two prominent historians of African American history by providing financial support for travel expenses related to research collections for PhD dissertations in history. This scholarship was created as a means of increasing diversity in history careers.

Hannah Dewey, a graduate student in fiber and polymer science, won second place in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences category of NC State’s Graduate Research Symposium poster competition for poster presentation. Additionally, Jerome Lavelle, associate dean for academic programs, diversity equity inclusion received the National Engineering Economy Teaching Excellence Award.

Personal Life

He takes great pleasure in traveling, reading and spending time with family and friends. Additionally, he is an avid sports fan who supports youth activities in his local community.

He draws upon more than two decades of experience in distribution and manufacturing environments to guide complex projects and implement cost-effective solutions. His deep insight into market dynamics provides clients with occupancy cost savings in Tampa’s industrial marketplace.

Daniel Quarles was the slave of Mark Twain’s uncle John Quarles and served as inspiration for Jim in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” Samuel Clemens remembered being immensely fond of Daniel for his “warmth, kindness, honesty and simplicity without guile”. Daniel Quarles greatly influenced how Twain would later view African Americans and depict them in his literature.

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