Dan Ricketts

Dan Ricketts – A Man Who Loved Technology and Entertainment

Dan Ricketts was an individual who passionately explored technology and entertainment. After graduating from college with degrees in Theatre Lighting Design and Computer Science, he also held down system administrator duties at hospitals before his passing in October 2018. Royce survives him as do several of her nieces who will miss their loving tennis partner greatly.

Early Life and Education

Ricketts was born and attended Pan Am University in Edinburg. He has three brothers and one sister; Pete Ricketts served as Republican Senator from Nebraska for many years as well as becoming a business executive; while Laura Ricketts, one of their sisters, used to practice corporate law before she decided to focus on raising three sons of her own.

At that time, ecology was still emerging as a discipline and concepts such as habitat, niche, food chains and predator-prey relationships were still developing. He was one of the first researchers to investigate intertidal organisms from an ecological viewpoint – his book Between Pacific Tides was published in 1939 and remains a classic of marine biology today.

Ricketts’ original narrative section from his Sea of Cortez expedition diary was later published separately as The Log from the Sea of Cortez; while its remaining contents consisted of a taxonomic catalogue of species collected by Ricketts presented in traditional scientific style.

Professional Career

Ricketts may appear like just another benchwarmer from his baseball cards, but that would be far from the truth. The bespectacled catcher was an accomplished two-sport high school and college athlete as well as World Series Champion who mentored generations of players.

Ricketts spent much of 1964 in the minor leagues due to St. Louis already possessing veteran catcher Tim McCarver and backup Bob Uecker who were ahead of him on their depth chart. But both players experienced injuries in spring training that left Ricketts as their starting catcher for their inaugural 1965 season – an exceptional feat indeed!

He played 14 games that season, primarily as a pinch-hitter or defensive replacement. Additionally, he made one World Series appearance and got his only at-bat against Detroit’s Denny McLain; scoring once.

Achievement and Honors

Ricketts was at the forefront of ecology, an interdisciplinary field that covers concepts like habitat, niche and predator-predator interactions. His groundbreaking research is evidenced in Between Pacific Tides (1939), now considered a classic work in marine ecology. His lab on Cannery Row had become a gathering spot for writers and artists like Steinbeck, Bruce Ariss and Joseph Campbell; after being destroyed by fire at Del Mar Cannery in 1936 Ricketts rebuilt it, then used as an incubator.

Personal Life

Daniel Ricketts of Weslaco Texas is survived by two daughters: Roycerene and Debra and four grandchildren. Additionally, Kaye Wallace (his sister) as well as Vicki and Nell Wallace are sweet nieces he considers close companions.

He founded online stock brokerage firm TD Ameritrade and serves on the board of Charles Schwab. Additionally, he served as majority owner of the Chicago Cubs until 2023 and is an enthusiastic private pilot. Furthermore, he constructed a religious silent retreat in Nebraska and is known for being an active philanthropist.

On Saturday afternoon in Berne, Albany County an upstate New York marijuana grower nearly lost his life when his quad bike collided with a barely visible piano wire surrounding his plantation – intended as a deterrent against coyotes who threaten the plants in Berne.

Net Worth

In 2017, he almost decapitated himself when driving his quad bike through barely visible piano wire ensnaring his plants in Berne, New York. Reportedly drunk at the time, this 50-year-old had been trying to catch coyotes eating away his cannabis crops.

Benjamin Ricketts has two siblings who are equally wealthy: Pete Ricketts is currently serving as governor of Nebraska and representing it in Congress, while Laura Ricketts works as an entrepreneur in business and politics. Together, their family net worth is estimated at more than $2 billion; create a free family tree to see all their relatives!

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