Dan Ulmer

Dan Ulmer Dies at 90

Dan Ulmer was instrumental in re-introducing minor league baseball to Louisville in 1982 and served on multiple boards and councils throughout his life in Louisville.

Danny is an experienced corporate attorney specializing in mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions and health care agreements. He frequently represents private equity funds, family offices, long-term care investors and providers.

Early Life and Education

Dan Ulmer became President and Chairman of Citizens Fidelity Bank (later PNC Bank of Kentucky). As such he became a model civic leader, quietly generous philanthropist, wise mentor to many, as well as being an enthusiastic supporter of Catholic education.

He worked diligently on his farm, raising a harvest each year. Over time he built himself a spacious home and earned recognition amongst local citizen farmers as one of their highly esteemed citizen farmers.

At one time he served on both the Louisville Board of Education and was one of the founding members of what is now called the RiverBats Minor League Baseball team. Additionally he held leadership roles within several community agencies like Metro United Way Fund Drive, Operation Brightside and Norton Healthcare – leaving behind his wife, three children, and five grandchildren as his legacy.

Professional Career

Daniel Ulmer is a partner at Ulmer & Berne and co-leader of their Health Care practice group. He advises on complex corporate, real estate and healthcare transactions for private equity funds, family offices, long-term care investors and providers as well as structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing M&A deals.

At Princeton University he excelled both as a cellist and debater, winning numerous national tournaments. After graduation he attended law school at Columbia.

Dan was an esteemed community leader, serving on multiple local boards, councils and commissions. He is widely credited with reviving minor league baseball to Louisville in 1982; for 30 years thereafter he owned the Triple-A Louisville Bats franchise he established himself. Unfortunately he passed away at age 90 on Friday at Masonic Home of Louisville Kentucky.

Achievement and Honors

Ulmer earned many awards during his life of service. He was revered as a model civic leader, private philanthropist, and trusted mentor by all who met him – family members, friends, colleagues – continuing on his legacy with them all.

After his retirement from banking, Ulmer continued his contributions to Louisville and Kentucky communities by serving on numerous boards and councils across Louisville and Kentucky; additionally he also chaired Minor League Baseball’s Board of Trustees.

Ulmer had an outstanding relationship with the University of Louisville, serving on its College of Business Advisory Board and being honored with their Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1987.

Personal Life

Dan Ulmer was an iconic figure in Louisville. He is best remembered as having brought minor league baseball back to Louisville, and later serving as team owner. Furthermore, he generously contributed his time and resources to charities including Louisville Central Area, Operation Brightside and Norton Healthcare.

Ulmer and his collaborators (bassist Mark E. Peterson and drummer Aubrey Dayle) explore bold blues music, self-styled swing, free jazz, as well as some psychedelic rock on this album.

Ulmer was active throughout his career, appearing in several films and television shows such as Clint Eastwood’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil as Billy Hanson (a male prostitute). Additionally, he played Steven Grlscz (an expert seducer).

Net Worth

As of 2022, Daniel Ulmer’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million based on social media and other public sources of information.

Ulmer credits some of his success to Camp Daniels, although due to career and farming obligations he could only attend for two or three years due to its luxurious setting and diversity of attendees. The experience gave him great satisfaction as it provided him with opportunities to interact with people from various walks of life.

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