Dancing With The Stars Italy

Andrea Iannone Joins the Italian Version of Dancing With the Stars

If you’re a fan of the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars, you might want to take a look at the Italian version of the show. It’s called Ballo Sotto le Stelle and features a whole host of celebrities who get up on the dance floor to compete against one another.

During the show, contestants are given a score based on the judges’ marks and audience votes. The results determine whether a contestant advances to the next round or is eliminated from the competition.

The show is a global franchise that has been produced in dozens of countries across the world. It has spawned a video game, two spinoffs, and an animated series that feature the same cast of characters.

Former MotoGP rider Andrea Iannone has joined the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars. And it looks like he has a lot to prove!

Iannone, who won the championship in 2014 and 2015, is a former Suzuki, Ducati, and Aprilia racer. He’s currently serving a four-year ban for doping.

However, the 32-year-old has managed to find his way back onto the circuit thanks to a number of sponsors including GP2 and GEICO who are both backing him. It’s a great way for him to prove his mettle again and help him gain some popularity.

It seems that Iannone’s appearance on the show is a sign that he and his wife have reconciled as the pair share a joint Instagram account and Iannone recently posted photos of him in his new shirt with the words ‘New York’ on it. It’s clear that he and Iannone still have strong ties to the city, as well as his old racing team.

The couple have been spotted in both New York and Rome since their split, and Ivana has also been spotted visiting her ex-husband’s home in Italy. In the latest photos shared on Friday, Ivana and Rossano are waltzing together as they attempt to master the dance under the watchful eye of one of the show’s pros.

In a video posted by the show’s dancer Samanta Togni, Ivana can be seen teasing her ex-husband while trying to master the waltz. She then hands her hand over to her former husband who gets down on one knee and tries to get her to take it.

She then smiles as she catches her husband’s eyes and says ‘I love you,’ before giving him a kiss on the cheek. It’s a touching moment, especially for those who have been following the couple’s relationship.

Ivana and Rossano were married in April 2008 but filed for divorce in December 2009. They have remained close despite their breakup, and are now living in New York and Rome.

On the show, Ivana and Rossano have been known to get romantically involved with one another in the studio and even got engaged during a performance. They’re not the first celebrities to pop up on the show, with many other big names appearing throughout the years including Marla Maples and Deena Cortese.

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