Daniel Anguilu

Houston Mural Artist – Daniel Anguilu

Daniel Anguilu found comfort as a child through painting. He believes in the ability of art to bring people together; his canvases range from freight trains to large-scale aerosol murals.

His artwork can be found at local galleries such as Station Museum and East End Studio Gallery. Although this experience has been daunting at times, he says that making gallery art has been rewarding overall.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Anguilu is an Houston-based muralist whose large-scale paintings have become an icon in Houston. You’ve likely come across his artwork while riding METRO rails or visiting an East End warehouse which showcases community graffiti artists showcasing his pieces.

He has traveled across the US, Mexico, Peru and Spain to paint murals and take part in art exhibitions. His art has also been shown at Station Museum, Cardoza Fine Art, Poissant Gallery and Aerosol Warfare Gallery.

Anguilu has been asked by the Dynamo to create a piece of art which will be featured prominently on their team apparel, representing players and fans as part of an extended family unit. He chose a depiction featuring hummingbirds, sun and flowers to represent this message of unity amongst their players and fans.

Professional Career

Daniel Anguilu has become Houston’s go-to man when it comes to large outdoor murals. His signature style–often drawing upon Aztec influences–can be found across Houston’s East End and Midtown districts.

While still working as a train conductor to pay his bills, he now devotes all his free time and effort into his art – travelling all around the globe while painting walls along his route.

Eric has shown his work at various galleries such as Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Lawndale Art Center and even within the Mexican Consulate. Additionally he helps maintain Harrisburg Art Museum and War’House (an East End warehouse dedicated to community graffiti/street artists). Presently he’s working on a large-scale, commissioned piece at former MHMRA building in Midtown; part of an initiative by Northeastern residents that seeks to transform structures and open spaces across their region into temporary canvases.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Anguilu began his artistic journey as a graffiti artist using freight trains and walls as his canvas. His art draws heavily upon his Mexican heritage and often takes the form of large-scale murals. Daniel has traveled widely throughout North America, Mexico, Peru and Spain painting murals at exhibitions or participating in painting sessions while visiting Asia and Africa to deepen his understanding of precolonial art and cultures present there.

His art explores the complexities of freedom of expression in public space. His murals combine ancestral symbology with contemporary social challenges to form vibrant tapestries of storytelling and activism.

Personal Life

Houstonians may recognize Anguilu’s vibrant style from his murals around town. Additionally, his works have been displayed during Family Day at MFAH and Art in the Garden exhibitions.

Anguilu moved to the United States at 14 from Mexico. Although he didn’t speak English, he found ways to express himself through art and began travelling throughout cities in America, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Italy to paint murals and participate in street art exhibits – as well as visiting Asia and Africa to expand his understanding of pre-colonial art forms.

Anguilu now works as a METRORail conductor so he can afford his artistic pursuits and is inspired by every journey as part of his creative process.

Net Worth

Daniel Anguilu’s vibrant murals can be found throughout Houston. He has quickly become the go-to guy for large outdoor art installations in recent years. His style often incorporates Mexican heritage and Aztec influence with angular, abstract forms.

Anguilu strongly believes in freedom of expression, making this a major theme in his work. Public spaces provide him the ideal setting to exercise this right; thus his involvement with Harrisburg Art Museum maintenance as well as East End Studio Gallery that showcases street artists is indicative of this fact. Furthermore, working full time as METRORail conductor enables him to fund his artistic efforts without giving up control of creative direction in his artworks.

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