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A Closer Look at Daniel Arce

Professor Arce’s class may be challenging, but he truly cares for his students and provides them with numerous resources to help them excel. Plus, his instruction of material is excellent – making this class one well worth taking!

On appeal, Daniel Arce asserts that the trial court made an error by excluding his statements, breaching his constitutional right to fair trial and due process. We do not agree.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Arce was diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer at age 15. After four years battling it, he managed to graduate high school and enroll at Ramapo College with a 4.00 grade point average and participate in International Student Organization and Math Club activities.

Professor Arce has been teaching courses at the University of Texas at Dallas since 2007, offering game theory, managerial economics, introductory microeconomics and macroeconomics, business ethics, Latin American economic development and terrorism studies courses. Additionally, he has published numerous articles in these fields as well as two Fulbright grants to study in Latin America. Furthermore, he serves on the editorial board for Southern Economic Journal as well as being former editor for Defense and Peace Economics.

Professional Career

Daniel Arce has worked for 11 years at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a criminal investigator.

He is the first member of his family to complete college and pursue professional work. Dedicated to honoring Mexican-American heritage and giving back, he strives to fulfill a meaningful life.

While at university, he conducted research aimed at improving splicing factors, protein-protein interactions and RNA binding. Additionally, he served as chairperson of the Chicano Student Association and coordinator of its Chicano Library at Cal.

His current research is focused on understanding the structure and interactions of splicing regulators with pre-mRNA. He has published in various journals such as Nature and PLOS Biology, in addition to having contributed chapters for multiple books.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Arce has earned many honors throughout his career. Additionally, he has made significant contributions back to the community by serving on various boards and councils – Chicago Boys & Girls Club Board Membership; General Directorship of General R.E Wood Unit and Pilsen IETC Community Work Force Employment Council Membership being just some examples.

He is an active member of both the International Student Organization and Math Club, having made Dean’s List every semester. Additionally, he represents Terriers men’s soccer while raising funds for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

He served as head of the economics program from 2009-2011 and helped establish concentrations in business economics and green economics. With a passion for teaching, and great regard for his students.

Personal Life

Daniel Arce was an exceptional student who made use of every opportunity available to him to thrive academically in school despite battling osteosarcoma, bone cancer. Ultimately he graduated with his class.

He is the author of several self-help books, such as Knowable Knowns, Unknown Unknowns and Colour the inner World. His writing style draws heavily upon psychology, philosophy and Buddhism – often using visual analogies to assist readers with complex topics.

Arce asserts in his appeal that the trial court erred by not admitting evidence pertaining to his immediate post-stabbing activities as relevant evidence regarding premeditation and failure to properly instruct the jury, in addition to being unfair and excessive sentences being handed out against him.

Net Worth

Daniel Arce currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million. This fortune was amassed through working in financial advisory and investment banking for more than two years at Snowden Capital Advisors LLC and holding his Series 66 license, qualifying him to act as both securities agent and registered investment advisor representative. Daniel has an impressive resume, having worked at numerous renowned institutions like Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc, Bank Of America NA E*Trade Securities LLC Morgan Stanley among many more. Daniel currently resides at 9239 Artist Pl, Lake Worth Florida USA at 31 years old with height of 1.90 metres (6ft 3 in) height while weighting 72kg 159lb; celebrating his birthday every April 22.

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