Daniel Autry

Daniel Autry, a UX Designer from Virginia Beach

Autry was lucky enough to come across an advertisement in his local paper encouraging students to seek help from UVA’s Counseling and Psychological Services after an incident on campus that left him bloodied and bruised. It proved invaluable.

He found it to be invaluable, helping clear away “traffic jams” that had built up in his brain and inspiring him to assist other students. Now he plans on offering similar help.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Autry decided not to attend many classes during his freshman year at UVA because he was experiencing “brain traffic jams”, and this disorder was beginning to negatively impact him.

Autry was raised on a farm in Texas and learned the guitar with help from a $12 Sears mail-order kit. By age 17, he was performing at local events and singing on radio programs.

Liza Boyd-Pates oversees the research, archival preservation and digital services programs of the Autry Museum of the American West. She has curated exhibitions relating to American history topics such as Gene Autry, Gold Rush Firearms, Mass Incarceration in the West and Standing Rock Water Protectors; in addition to being a Senior Fellow at UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy.

Professional Career

Daniel Autry is a UX designer specializing in mental health technology. He specializes in social products and behavioral research; and is keenly interested in how technology interacts with mental illness. Daniel’s portfolio features projects spanning financial trading to e-learning.

Coming out of Albemarle High School in North Carolina, he didn’t have many collegiate opportunities and instead attended East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), where the football program is featured in Netflix series ‘Last Chance U.’

He eventually transferred to Mississippi State, where he excelled as a defensive lineman and amassed 47.5 sacks throughout his career. Additionally, he held an assistant basketball coaching post at Syracuse University, helping prepare future NBA draft picks such as Jerami Grant and Tyler Lydon for NBA play.

Achievement and Honors

Autry works as a user experience designer on projects in the social product space and is particularly fascinated by how technology impacts mental health. He teaches classes at the University of Virginia as well.

Autry had noticed during his time at the University of Virginia that something wasn’t right with his health. He experienced what he refers to as “brain traffic jams”, making it hard for him to complete assignments or stay engaged during classes.

Daniel Autry of Benton Harbor was charged in 2021 with shooting dead a customer at the Sunny Spot gas station and convenience store on Pipestone Street and has now been sentenced to 50-70 years behind bars, according to The Herald Palladium. Autry received his sentence on January 4th 2019.

Personal Life

Autry was hit hard by both a campus shooting and an incident involving one of his peers being bloodied on the corner, prompting him to read a message encouraging students who are struggling to reach out for counseling from UVA’s Counseling and Psychological Services. That message served as an epiphany: it made Autry realize his “traffic jam” of thoughts was keeping him from enjoying what he loved – so he took steps to address it himself.

Dan enjoyed simple pleasures such as camping, auctions and car shows. He was dedicated to his family and made many close friendships through camping trips and auctions. Dan will leave an emptiness in our hearts which will never heal fully – we all miss you Dan- Glenna

Net Worth

He is estimated to be worth $4 Million. A politician, actor and film producer by profession. Born July 31, 1952 in Shreveport Louisiana United States. Has two children with his wife. Follows Life Path number 1. Is determined and persistent when reaching goals.

He also owns Endeavor Energy Resources, one of the nation’s premier oil companies.

Captain Bubba Skinner of In the Heat of the Night made him renowned, but he has also appeared in other television series and films. Alongside co-star Randall Franks from IHON, he and Randall produced “Christmas Time’s A-Comin,” with proceeds donated to drug abuse prevention charities.

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