Daniel Bae

Daniel Bae

Daniel is an award-winning violinist who has performed at nontraditional venues and for underserved communities. Additionally, he serves as Co-Captain of Andover’s Track & Field team and alumni ambassador.

Daniel’s parents expect him to enroll at Yale and become a physician, but Daniel has other ambitions. After meeting Natasha on the subway, Daniel takes it as an omen and follows her into Second Coming Records store.

Early Life and Education

Daniel began studying piano and violin at age four and five respectively, winning several national competitions as both classical and pop pianist. Since then he has performed with orchestras as a soloist as well as making his mark as a composer in music.

Racial insensitivity runs in his family’s store in a predominantly black neighborhood; yet, regardless of this fact, Natasha feels compelled to help when nearly being hit by a car. So he pulls her inside his store and talks with her.

Daniel believes in signs and fate, believing he and Natasha were meant to be together. To prove his point, he persuades her to meet Attorney Fitzgerald – only for her surprise and horror to find out it’s white man instead!

Professional Career

Daniel Bae is an acclaimed pianist who has won multiple awards at local, regional and international competitions. He has performed in non-traditional concert settings like retirement homes and schools serving underserved populations; winning scholarships and grants such as MTNA Alabama Junior Winner and AMTA Boykin grants.

Daniel boasts an impressive resume, including serving as Co-Captain of Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field as well as former Co-President of Andover Korean Society. Additionally, Daniel holds the position of Senior Ambassador for Admissions at Andover.

Daniel is an enthusiastic lover, writing romantic poems in his notebook every day. Natasha Kingsley, however, is more inclined to quote Carl Sagan than Emily Dickinson when discussing love poetry. When this modern-day Korean-American Romeo and Jamaican Juliet finally meet each other it couldn’t come at a worse time.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Bae began piano and violin studies at age 4 and 5, respectively, becoming an accomplished musician at both disciplines. A winner of national and international competitions, with several prestigious awards to his credit, Daniel studied piano with Annie Chalex Boyle of Texas Tech University (adjunct professor), while violin was studied under Emanuel Borok and Adrian Walker respectively.

He takes great joy in sharing his music in nontraditional concert settings such as retirement homes, churches and schools serving underserved elementary school populations. Additionally, he has performed the national anthem at baseball games.

He is an award-winning real estate agent with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty and earned the Gold award, signifying top 5% agents. With his in-depth market knowledge and exceptional people skills, he provides his clients with superior service.

Personal Life

Daniel Bae, a 17-year-old Korean boy who believes in destiny and writes love poems. Living up to his parent’s high expectations and striving towards becoming a doctor. Meanwhile, Natasha Kingsley from Jamaica believes in science and facts – both arriving together at what will prove one of the biggest days in their lives.

As she struggles against deportation, she encounters Daniel at the immigration office. Daniel cut short his interview and went directly to her house; where she convinced him to give her his phone number. They spent their day together getting acquainted, eventually falling in love. The movie is based on Nicola Yoon’s best-selling novel of the same name; featuring Yara Shahidi (“Black-ish”) and Charles Melton (“Riverdale”).

Net Worth

Salt Bae has amassed a net worth of over $70 Million thanks to his 20 steak restaurants worldwide, with six located in Istanbul alone and another one each in London, Dubai and Mykonos.

Yara Shahidi of Black-ish and Grownish fame stars alongside Charles Melton from Riverdale in The Sun Is Also A Star, a romantic comedy that explores fate, destiny and all manner of cosmic intricacies. Set over one day in New York City, where Natasha Kingsley (Shahidi) meets Daniel Bae (Melton).

Natasha and Daniel are in opposing their families being deported back to Jamaica, while Daniel prepares for an interview at Yale University. Daniel believes in fate and believes they were meant to be together while she remains skeptical.

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