Daniel Caron

Daniel Caron

Dan is a mechanical engineer specializing in pharmaceutical and laboratory washing systems, having worked on multiple design teams as well as providing on-site observation for numerous projects.

He began working for the federal public service in 1982 at Competition Bureau Canada, followed by National Museums of Canada Corporation and what later became Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

Early Life and Education

Caron was raised in Norwalk, CT, and attended St. Mary’s School as an altar boy before attending Carmelite Junior Seminary in Hamilton MA to train to become a priest.

He entered Canadian public service in 1982, holding various positions at the Competition Bureau, National Museums of Canada Corporation, and what is now Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Later on he worked at Economic Development Agency of Canada for Quebec as well as Treasury Board Secretariat.

Teaching at numerous universities – University of Ottawa, Carleton University and Ecole nationale d’administration publique among them – and conducting research and hosting numerous conferences related to public administration and archival sciences is his forte. He has four children (one son and three daughters-in-law).

Professional Career

Caron has over 30 years of experience in global biotech operations and management, possessing extensive knowledge in all facets of global operations as a well-rounded professional and an able leader who has led several high-growth companies through periods of significant expansion.

Dr. Crawshaw has extensive knowledge in managing and using information resources in government, with particular attention paid to transparency as an enabler of trust. He has held various roles within Canadian public service as well as teaching at L’Ecole nationale d’administration publique where he currently holds a research chair on information governance.

He has presented extensively on leadership, civility, and wellness both within organizations as well as students across North America and Europe. A strong believer in lifelong learning.

Achievement and Honors

Caron is widely recognized as an expert in public service and boasts an impressive track record. He has written many articles, conducted research projects, and presented on topics related to public administration and archival sciences at conferences and universities nationwide.

Caron Treatment Centers of Wernersville, Pennsylvania honored Doug Tieman last night at a gala dinner that raised over $1 Million for its scholarship fund and celebrated the opening of Fran and Doug Tieman Center for Research – an unprecedented medical research facility on Caron’s campus.

Tieman has long championed this work, working toward improving scientific knowledge related to relapse prediction, medication-assisted treatment and genetic testing. Her focus at the Center has been to increase scientific understanding in these areas and promote better standards and outcomes within the treatment industry.

Personal Life

Daniel Caron is not only an accomplished photographer but also an exceptional public speaker, having addressed audiences across both North America and Europe. An advocate of kindness and love, his presentations motivate individuals to live better lives.

His family is also his pride and joy; they include a wife and three children whom all get along very well together; however, mealtimes may become problematic at times.

Dan Caron was a man of many trades and willing to do anything to support his family. He even worked in tool manufacturing business. Dan was acquainted with Chad Couture (35), another member of this industry; they became close and often spent time together; both being part of their respective workgroups.

Net Worth

Caron of Lake Worth, Florida is a big fan of Radiohead, U2, Alice In Chains, Charles Mingus and Zero 7. Additionally he worked at Uncle Julio’s.

Wednesday saw the head of Library and Archives Canada leave after it was revealed he billed taxpayers nearly $4,500 for private Spanish lessons. Heritage Minister James Moore strongly condemned Caron for spending public funds to improve his language abilities.

Financial records reveal Caron to have amassed an estimated net worth of $889 thousand dollars, with his largest trade being exercising 20,157 units of Digital Realty Trust Inc stock worth over $442,648 on July 27, 2012. Since 2012 he has made multiple other trades totalling more than one hundred and ninety nine thousand dollars in value.

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