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Daniel Cocozello was a US Army Veteran and sales manager at Sears in McKeesport. He passed away peacefully at UPMC McKeesport on January 26, 2020 at age 84. To gain more information about him, search our database; reverse phone lookup can help find his address, relatives, and public records.

Early Life and Education

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Prosecutors allege that Edward McHugh, 21, and Cocozello lured Caddell to a vacant building on Gary Court with the intent of robbing him during a marijuana sale, and beat him with a bat before leaving him dead on a side walkway leading back into townhouses. Joan Nerlino Caddell filed a wrongful death suit against all parties involved; Cocozello’s lawyer Mark J. Fonte countered by asserting that even if his account had been true he would not have been charged with murder because they participated legally in a criminal act committed in conjunction with lawful participants involved with lawful participants engaged in lawful participation of criminal robberies.

Professional Career

Lawrence J. “Larry” Cocozello served for 44 years as Sears sales manager in McKeesport and other malls such as Eastgate and Century III malls. A veteran of the US Army, he attended St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church of McKeesport with his parents James and Marie (Reskovac) Cocozello – doing a person search can reveal additional information, such as relatives or public records about him. Lawrence died January 26, 2020 at UPMC McKeesport.

Personal Life

Daniel Cocozello resides in Floral Park, New York with his wife Susan, has two children together and attends St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. A search of public records can provide more details about these relatives including their address, phone numbers and personal information. Cocozello worked at Sears for 44 years primarily at McKeesport but also Eastgate and Century III malls as a US Army Veteran before passing away at UPMC McKeesport on January 26, 2020 at age 84 years.

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