Daniel Collection

Back to School With the Daniel Collection

Back-to-school season can bring with it many emotions and concerns for children. This collection provides teachers with tools to address such concerns.

The University of Tennessee Libraries’ Charlie Daniel Editorial Cartoon Collection contains over 24,000 drawings that are digitalized for easy viewing, showing only their original sketches without captions or dates added during printing processes.

Early Life and Education

Daniel developed an exceptional work ethic early in life. Beginning to work from an early age, he quickly demonstrated an understanding of business principles which eventually led him to enroll at a local business college before founding his own lumber export company.

Daniel was born to Jewish parents in Lvov, Ukraine. As an adult he became a successful businessman who also traveled widely while picking up multiple languages along his travels.

Daniel had no formal education but nevertheless managed to develop an innate business acumen and learned reading at 12 years old. Later he established a lumber export firm in Lvov while becoming fluent in Polish, Russian, Yiddish and working on various political campaigns.

Professional Career

Daniel is one of the co-hosts of MeTV’s Collector’s Call show and boasts an impressive collection of movie monster memorabilia – as well as an iconic Baby Frankenstein figure every child would want when they were growing up – for trade. Daniel may even consider parting with it for an attractive price.

Valorie Cole and Joyce Daniel Hill both worked as makeup artists on television shows, award shows, photo shoots, music videos and album covers before combining their expertise to launch Daniel Cole Collection in 1998 – offering approachable yet innovative makeup for women of all ages and lifestyles.

Achievement and Honors

The award recognizes sophomores and above for outstanding dedication to Mary’s mission and Benedictine values, involvement and responsibility within its organizations and activities, and an eagerness to participate in projects which further their educational goals. Past recipients have included Daniel Digiallonardo who serves as advisor for Student Activities Committee as well as dedication in providing quality entertainment on campus.

Sgt. Daly received the Medal of Honor, three letters of commendation and 21 additional medals; including China Relief Expedition Medal; Philippine Campaign Medal with Aisne, St Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne clasps, Expeditionary Medal with one bronze star, Expeditionary Medal and World War I Victory Medal (Aisne and Croix de Guerre with Palm).

The Louise Darling Medal honors outstanding contributions in health sciences collection development by an individual or institution. Each year, this prestigious award is bestowed by the Medical Library Association’s Louise Darling Medal Jury.

Personal Life

Personal and social activities which contribute to an individual’s sense of wellbeing and satisfaction outside their professional or public activities, including family, friends, hobbies or anything that helps preserve individuality and identity.

Daniel uses drawings and sculptures that incorporate decayed casts of cultural and material icons to humorously memorialize contemporary life. He has shown widely in galleries and museums worldwide, designing the set for Merce Cunningham’s last performance and for the 2nd Athens Biennale among many other projects.

Daniel is an avid collector of rare memorabilia. A fan of Matlock and its star Andy Griffith, Daniel once owned one of Andy Griffith’s suits from that series – as well as one signed by Fred Gwynne for Herman Munster doll!

Net Worth

Daniel Radcliffe earned a lot of money as Harry Potter, and continues to have a profound effect on the industry today. Additionally, he’s used his fame and fortune for good causes – raising mental health awareness as well as providing help and services for those in need.

As well as his acting career, he’s also an acclaimed pianist and composer whose music has sold millions of copies and garnered numerous awards and honors.

According to reports, his net worth has been estimated at $10 Million. He owns several properties – notably a mansion in Los Angeles and penthouse in New York City – as well as production company 3AD which produces hit TV shows such as The Good Doctor. Additionally, he earns money through investments, speaking engagements and speaking fee fees; not forgetting that he’s an avid collector of horror and science-fiction memorabilia!

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