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Danielle is a Multifaceted Figure

Danielle is a French feminine version of Daniel, as well as being an alternative spelling of Hebrew Daniela.

Her career spans across theater and storytelling programs that captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds, including performances at Southern Theater and Pillsbury House Theatre in America and Africa respectively.

Early Life and Education

Danielle is an author, artist, and teacher based out of Chicago. Her works have been shown at group exhibitions as well as international art magazines. Additionally she has contributed writing pieces to national newspapers and websites while being awarded fellowships and awards for her work.

She is also an advocate for cannabis legalization, public health policy reform, democracy revitalization, and civic education. During the COVID outbreak, she rallied coalitions and devised solutions which led to the nation’s inaugural Roadmap for Pandemic Resilience.

She has extensive trial experience and led multiple CLE trainings on issues LGBTQ youth face when dealing with child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Additionally, she serves as NCLR’s Senior Youth Policy Counsel; in 2016 she was recognized with both a LIN grant as well as being awarded Jerome Fellowship status by The Playwright Center as well as receiving their Many Voices award.

Professional Career

Daniel is a Senior Trader at JPMorgan Chase and oversees markets in Latin America, Europe and Africa. Since joining in 1983 he has held various roles such as credit trading, syndications and emerging markets.

Daniel was raised in Evansville, Indiana where she attended and played softball at the University of Southern Indiana before graduating with a teaching degree. Now living in Northern Ontario where she works as a mixed media artist while teaching art courses. Much of her inspiration comes from her Metis roots.

Her theatre and storytelling programs promote self-discovery, social engagement and free expression. Her work has been seen internationally and she is the recipient of multiple grants such as LIN Grant, Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship, Jerome Fellowship Award from The Playwrights’ Center, Many Voices Award etc.

Achievement and Honors

Danielle regularly speaks at over 100 major events each year, such as SXSW, TED, The World Food Prize/Borlaug Dialogues, James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards, Milan Urban Food Pact Conference and American College of Lifestyle Medicine Conference. Additionally, she has conducted extensive on-ground research across 70+ countries around the globe.

Danielle may have had feelings for Clay, but her only form of affection towards him came in the form of stalking and manipulation (like when she impregnated Bloberta). Clay enjoyed gothic erotica as well as taking advantage of people at their weakest moments.

Danielle served FAU’s Associate AD for Internal Operations/SWA and Deputy Title IX Coordinator during her time there, overseeing daily operational management of human resources, administration, and direct sport oversight of five programs.

Personal Life

Danielle is an award-winning mixed-media artist and Metis writer who has published two novels: Forever Birchwood is a middle grade novel set in her northern hometown and Daughters of the Deer is historical fiction inspired by her Algonquin ancestors’ lives. Danielle’s paintings can be found both publically and privately collected across Canada, the US, England France and Australia.

She has performed in theater projects worldwide, such as storytelling programs and workshops. Her tour shows, The Incarceration of Annie, Voodoo Child, Spirit of Our Ancestors and Connecting Through Stories have delighted audiences of all ages.

Danielle is another well-known social media star with many followers on Instagram and a channel with her best friend Ari that they use to produce comedy videos together.

Net Worth

Daniel is an accomplished multifaceted figure who has gracefully handled himself under the spotlight of fame and its uncharted waters. Through social media he has established an impressive career, amassing a large fan following through comedy and stunt videos on YouTube.

He has also appeared in various films, earning himself an excellent living. These include The Woman in Black, Imperium, and Kill Your Darlings.

He is an iconic personality and his appearance on the show has won him immense respect from viewers worldwide. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches, he prioritizes exercise and nutrition for optimal health while remaining active with physical activities such as sports. Furthermore, his strong work ethic keeps him focused on his goals.

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