Daniel Dentinger

Who is Daniel Dentinger?

He’s an outstanding leader, fully committed to having an impactful impact in the community.

Dentinger is an expert in e-discovery managed services. His innovative approach helps legal professionals harness technology for maximum productivity.

Early Life and Education

Jane was a dedicated teacher and music lover. After attending Sacred Heart Academy and Ursuline College for her education, she took temporary vows as an Ursuline sister before leaving to pursue teaching career. Luckily she is survived by both sons Daniel and Wesley Dentinger as well as six grandchildren: Kramer Merrick, Benjamin Merrick Samuel Merrick Janelle Holtzapple Reagan Holtzapple Andrew Dickinson as well as Howard Homan for companionship.

Bill Dentinger began working at Superior Masonry Builders in 1961 before going on to establish Bill Dentinger Inc in 1974. In addition to serving on numerous industry committees and being a member of both Wisconsin Masonry Association and American Federation of Labor, he currently resides in Montgomery OH where his phone number, relatives and public records can all be easily found online.

Professional Career

Dentinger has had an extraordinary career journey from music teacher to financial manager; currently serving as vice president for high-performance systems manufacturing at BEA Systems and serving on both the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Board of Directors and University of Cincinnati Chancellor’s Council Governing bodies.

He has been honored as a Community Champion by Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency. This award honors staff who demonstrate innovation, leadership and creativity to help achieve positive, measurable outcomes.

His work at Mary Cariola Children’s Center showcases his creative approach. For instance, he designed hot pink vinyl padding that protects a wheelchair tray’s hard metal surface from harming young arms – made possible through engineering, carpentry and fabrication skills.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel was honored with the MCAA Career Achievement Award, presented to staff members not in senior management who demonstrate innovation, leadership and creativity while driving positive, measurable results in their organizations. Additionally, he received their Community Champion award which recognizes individuals or staff members who have made an impactful contribution towards local human service non-profits.

Daniel is a respected thought leader within the legal industry and an established CLE speaker, often featuring on various podcasts as a guest expert on e-discovery topics or as an e-discovery panelist for law firm events. Daniel has written numerous blog posts, articles, white papers and blog articles covering e-discovery issues as well as consultative selling techniques. Additionally he has contributed blog posts, articles and white papers regarding these subjects as well as consulting sales strategies.

Personal Life

Daniel Dentinger lived with his wife Joyce Dentinger and had two children: Wesley Joseph Dentinger and Haley Elissa Dentinger. Additionally, Daniel Dentinger had many relatives including siblings, nieces, and nephews; as well as being part of Kentucky Wounded Heroes foundation.

He has served our nation proudly for more than four decades as a veteran, including tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea. From Bardstown originally, he served in an artillery unit from which he was wounded during the battle of Fallujah in 2005.

He was one of the founding members of Kentucky Wounded Heroes Foundation and has long advocated on their behalf since that time. In recognition of their service to our country he was awarded several medals including being made an Honorary Colonel within Kentucky Army Reserves.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Daniel Dentinger’s estimated net worth ranges between $500k and $1 million. His family home can be found at 11722 Laurelview Drive in Montgomery Ohio; Joyce E Dentinger serves as his wife while Wesley Joseph Dentinger and Haley Elissa Dentinger are their children. Sarah Merrick serves as his sister while Kramer Merrick, Michael Permelia, Janelle Holtzapple and Marian Dickinson also belong to their clan. Additionally he belongs to the Republican party as well.

He passed away May 8, 2023 and you can leave him your condolences on their memorial page, instantly posting them.

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