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Wrestler – Daniel DeShazer

Daniel has achieved great success throughout his career, winning high level tournaments such as the 2022 Ziolkowski Tournament and 2023 Henri Deglane Tournament.

While in captivity, he convinced one of the guards to lend him a Bible. Determined to become a missionary for Christianity in Japan, he intended on becoming a missionary himself.

This takedown works well in any style of wrestling. It begins with an innovative duck, then transitions into an unexpected throw that will take their opponent by surprise.

Early Life and Education

Daniel DeShazer found great joy watching his older brother compete in wrestling tournaments. This sport attracted him due to its physical nature and competitive nature; consequently he spent his high school years juggling wrestling tournaments alongside football and track and field.

Early on in his captivity, he remained disinclined toward his parents Christian faith and skeptical of its ability to transform hatred into love. Yet the brutal treatment of fellow prisoners gradually softened him heart; eventually persuading one of his guards to lend him a Bible was one way that his faith found strength.

After leaving Seattle Pacific College, he attended Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky before returning to Japan as a Free Methodist missionary with his wife Florence and helping establish churches across Japan; their efforts were noted by Mitsuo Fuchida, commander of forces responsible for attacking Pearl Harbor.

Professional Career

Deshazer was a two-time state wrestling champion for Wichita Heights High School and also competed in football and track and field. His father encouraged both of them to participate as it provided them with an excellent way of building strength while staying physically fit.

Deshazer was visibly frustrated after losing his first match of the year and became indignant, walking off the mat and striking Cody Brewer across his face with his left fist.

As part of his drive for Olympic glory, he has battled against Mack McGuire, Zach Synon, Angelo Amenta, Brance Simms and John Twomey – among many others – over his collegiate career. Additionally, he earned multiple Regional and MIAA Conference Championship titles while amassing an impressive 24 match win streak against Division 2 competition.

Achievement and Honors

DeShazer participated in the Doolittle Raid on Japan during World War II, earning both the Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart awards for his actions in that raid. Following World War II he went on to serve Japan as a volunteer missionary, helping establish 23 churches before passing away peacefully at 95 years old on March 15, 2019.

He began his college wrestling career at University of Nebraska – Kearney and accomplished several significant achievements during this time, such as becoming three time regional champion and two MIAA conference championships.

Mike Church believes DeShazer was born to wrestle. He doesn’t expect any visible reactions if DeShazer takes the state title this year – rather he sees victory as just the beginning of something big!

Personal Life

Daniel DeShazer was raised near Kansas City with the guidance and hard work ethic of his father Danny, who encouraged him to work hard and pursue his goals. While in high school he managed to juggle wrestling, football, track & field as well as his studies – which all thanks to Danny. Daniel credits Danny’s advice and work ethic with being behind his success today.

DeShazer eventually convinced one of his guards to lend him a Bible, using its messages to become a devout Christian and returning home as a Methodist missionary.

Jacob DeShazer worked tirelessly in Japan to spread a message of forgiveness and love. He founded 23 churches there, always hoping that those he once held captive could find happiness again. Jacob DeShazer passed away peacefully at home in Salem, Oregon on March 15, 2008 at 95 years old.

Net Worth

Daniel spent both his high school and college years balancing wrestling, football and track competitions. With great work ethic and unrelenting determination he was able to overcome numerous injuries to stay at a high level of competition.

DeShazer has faced many of the world’s top wrestlers, such as Mack McGuire, Zach Synon, Angelo Amenta, Brance Simms, John Twomey and Aaron Hansen. One of his biggest setbacks occurred at the 2017 World Team Trials Last Chance Qualifier when he lost to Thomas Gilman.

He has sold over 77,406 units of Coterra Inc stock valued at approximately $1.19 million over the last two years and made seven trades to that end since 2019. Furthermore, he currently owns 14,306 Coterra Inc shares.

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