Daniel Draisen

Daniel Draisen – A Personal Injury Attorney With Over 26 Years of Experience

Daniel Draisen has over 26 years of legal experience. Born and raised in Anderson, SC – graduating from Westside High School. Attended the University of South Carolina where he received his B.A. Before going on to obtain a law degree at Tulsa. Now practices personal injury law at Krause Moorhead & Draisen law firm located in Anderson.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Draisen was born in May 1972 and currently resides at 26 Clock Tower Ct in Belton SC 29627 with his wife Jessica W Draisen and their 11 children. According to public records, Daniel attended Westside High School before earning both a B.A. from University of South Carolina in 1994 and an LLB degree from University of Tulsa two years later. As per Anderson County Bar Association records he served on its Ethics Advisory Committee before serving on delegate and regional chair boards of Resolution of Fee Disputes Board as well as being personal injury attorney at Krause Moorhead & Draisen law firm practicing throughout South Carolina state courts he practices personal injury law regularly across all South Carolina federal and state courts statewide

Professional Career

Dynamic marketing coordinator with proven results of driving traffic and audience engagement. Proficient at working across teams to meet business goals; recent successes include increasing digital engagement by 50+% for three food and beverage businesses.

Marc Draisen has served as Executive Director of MAPC since 2002 and remains actively engaged with community development issues across Boston’s metropolitan area, representing MAPC at various national and local boards.

Achievement and Honors

Draisen has worked at our firm for more than five years and has managed a range of cases in both state and federal courts. Additionally, he serves on the Ethics Advisory Committee of South Carolina Bar Association.

He is the author of “The Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Their Relationship to Legal Malpractice Actions.” In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three goat-kids! Together they own and run a farm near Anderson, SC.

Draisen has received many prestigious awards and honors. He has been recognized for his dedication to community work as well as practicing law. A firm believer that success in business lies within its teamwork, Draisen holds strong beliefs that the team makes the difference for any endeavor to thrive.

Personal Life

Astrological interpretation suggests that people with this name are very responsible in both their professional and social duties, able to overcome any hurdles easily in life and tend to keep their emotions private; they enjoy helping poor and distressed people while being very fond of street dogs.

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Public records suggest that Daniel Draisen may be married and living at 26 Clock Tower Ct in Belton SC for some 16 years now. Temple B’nai Israel membership as well as children and grandchildren complete his profile.

Net Worth

Wikipedia, IMDb and other online sources list Marc Draisen as being an influential person with an estimated net worth between $1-$3 Million. His wealth was amassed through his primary career in politics.

He prefers to keep his personal and romantic life private and is not currently dating anyone.

He is married with one son named David. He is well known for his percussive singing style & distorted voice; leading the rock/metal band Disturbed as lead singer as well as working on Device with Geno Lenardo as lead guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer/artist Geno Lenardo; being very involved with politics as well as environmental concerns he is highly popular with young people, boasting an enormous fan base on platforms like Instagram & Facebook.

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