Daniel Edmondson

A Profile of Daniel Edmondson

Daniel Edmondson works as a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Practice. He welcomes new patients and accepts multiple insurance plans. Daniel has an exceptional personality that will assist in any way possible with any concerns that may arise during a hearing examination.

He’s an adrenaline seeker who loves skateboarding. Though amputee, he embraces his disability with enthusiasm.

Early Life and Education

Daniel hails from middle Tennessee near Clarksville and earned both his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and University of Tennessee-Memphis College of Medicine respectively. Today he practices internal and pediatric medicine at Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics located in Brentwood.

In 1977, Edmondson relocated to California and attended Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College (PCBBC), beginning his studies to become a Baptist minister. Later, he claimed to have earned a ThG in Theology from PCBBC.

His doctoral research focused on understanding how linguistic reclamation – the use of offensive words against marginalised communities by their members for non-derogatory use – influences cognitive processing of words used against them. His study employed online surveys, lexical decision tasks and eye-tracking experiments.

Professional Career

Daniel Edmondson has never let being amputated below the knee stop him from living a full and active life, including engaging in extreme sports as an adrenaline enthusiast. His love of helping others eventually led him down a spiritual path and to becoming a minister.

Edmondson played four years for the Hawks baseball team and helped break a variety of records during that time, including second place finishes for both his slugging and on-base percentages during 2021 season.

Edmondson lives in Brentwood with his wife and daughter. In his free time he enjoys hiking and scuba diving. Additionally, he’s an active member of Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics; has spoken at national meetings of medical students; Vanderbilt University preceptor; has worked with patients of all ages;

Achievement and Honors

The Community Connection Award recognizes students who work to mobilize diverse campus stakeholders toward addressing real-world social issues that impact our communities. This honor goes to a student who designs grassroots summer projects or leads an ongoing effort that develops their civic capacities as part of CC’s effort.

Before Mohammed Ali and Joe Louis achieved the level of fame they enjoy today, two star athletes of Edmondson’s era – Jack Johnson and Joe Louis – achieved heights few could have predicted possible in segregated America. Edmondson memorialized these stars by carving only two boxers; Boxer is one such figure he created. While its form may be inspired by Louis, its sophisticated carving technique gives it universal appeal that memorializes these sportsmen.

Personal Life

Edmondson may never have married, yet his sculptures often depict female figures with close attention paid to posture, clothing and hairstyle. Additionally, some nudes can also be seen.

Atkinson has also appeared in some television shows. These include Jonathan Creek for BBC1, Surviving Disaster for BBC2, Celebrity Masterchef (2013) as a presenter, and also presented on an American network show, Life Without Limits in 2013.

In 2015, he made an appearance in the comedy series Five Go Mad in Dorset which parodied Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series. Additionally, he voiced engine stoker Jones for ITV pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk from 1997-1998 and worked alongside Rik Mayall who is well known for their sketch comedy partnership.

Net Worth

Edmondson is an actor, musician and television presenter from the UK. He is married to Jennifer Saunders with whom he shares three daughters – Ella, Beattie and Freya. Known for playing Hamish on Absolutely Fabulous as well as engine stoker Jones in Captain Star, his roles are highly acclaimed.

He is also a well-known television personality, having featured in series such as Bottom, Blackadder Goes Forth, Jonathan Creek, Holby City and Miss Austen Regrets. In 2013 he won Celebrity MasterChef competition.

In 2005, he co-wrote and starred alongside Mayall and Nigel Planer in the sitcom Bottom, featuring students at Scumbag College known for its violent slapstick humor. Subsequently he participated in BBC comedy show That’s Britain! (2011) where he traveled all across Britain.

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