Daniel Eliu

A Man Has Been Charged With The Murder Of Notorious Mongrel Mob Boss Daniel Eliu

Notorious was shot dead outside a church in Manukau on December 17 and no one in the congregation knew anything had occurred until they saw Eliu stagger away.

The 46-year-old had attended a sharing session called True Stories hosted at Papatoetoe SDA Community Church as part of a Grace Foundation program to assist those from marginalised backgrounds.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Eliu was determined to change his life. On Saturday morning he attended a community empowerment gathering for those looking to leave gangs. However, police reported he was shot dead outside an Auckland church grounds shortly afterwards.

After the shooting, church members were taken inside for safety. Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Va’aelua stated that Mongrel Mob leader was specifically targeted.

The film portrays Daniel and Eli as mirror images of each other, trying to compensate for spiritual emptiness by making empty promises to one another and others. Eli constantly bothers Daniel for money that he claims he owes the church, prompting Daniel to respond with abusive language and physical blows against Eli.

Professional Career

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On Saturday morning at Auckland church grounds in New Zealand, 46 year-old Daniel Eliu, known to members of the infamous Mongrel Mob, was shot and killed during his visit to True Stories gathering for those looking to make changes in their lives.

Police believe Mr Eliu was deliberately targeted. Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Va’aelua stated, “It appears Mr Eliu was victim of an intentional attack. He was taken to hospital, however unfortunately later passed away.”

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Eliu, leader of the Auckland Notorious chapter, was shot and killed outside a church in Papatoetoe last December. The person charged with his murder is seeking name suppression on grounds that doing so may endanger both their safety as well as those involved. On Thursday in High Court Auckland they appeared again pleading not guilty of this murder charge.

Personal Life

Daniel Eliu, 46 years old and member of Mongrel Mob in Auckland was shot while attending services at Papatoetoe Seventh Day Adventist Community Church on Puhinui Road on December 17. This prompted a police manhunt, with churchgoers remaining inside until they received permission for exit.

Eliu was an active member of the Mongrel Mob and had affiliations to the Head Hunters gang. He had a lengthy criminal past and spent time behind bars for kidnapping an individual, abusing them, and using a box cutter to cut his face slashed with it.

Police wish to maintain anonymity over their accused, who is a patched gang member with whom they want nothing known about. He has been ordered to appear before court on Friday.

Net Worth

A 42-year-old man has been charged with murdering Mongrel Mob boss Daniel Eliu, who was shot outside a church in South Auckland. Eliu was shot at the Papatoetoe Seventh Day Adventist Community Church on Puhinui Rd during an event hosted by Grace Foundation which assists those from disadvantaged backgrounds improve their lives.

He had links with the Head Hunters gang and had an extensive criminal past, including kidnapping where an associate attacked the victim with a Stanley knife.

Members from various chapters of the Mongrel Mob paid their respects as his body lay in an open casket at his Mangere East home, led by Sonny Fatupaito from Waikato King Cobras chapter leader Sonny Fatupaito as their guard of honour.

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