Daniel Elmer

Daniel Elmer – A Painted Post Lifelong Resident

Daniel Salmon was born in Mount Olive, New Jersey and graduated as part of Cornell University’s first class of veterinary students. While in France as part of his degree program, Daniel opened up practice in Newark before moving to Asheville North Carolina and working for USDA studying animal diseases – even founding its veterinary division there in 1883 becoming its inaugural chief veterinarian.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Elmer had lived in Painted Post for over 50 years. An avid sports fan, Daniel also enjoyed bowling and camping as hobbies – as well as spending time with his friends and family. Daniel belonged to First Baptist Church of Painted Post as well as serving on multiple community boards.

Prior to becoming a veterinarian, he worked as a clerk on farms and country stores before enrolling at Cornell University’s first veterinary class in 1868 and studying abroad in France for six months of his education.

He married Susanna and they had four children together: Margaret Loomis and Samuel. Mary married Jason and Elmer Ogden while Ruhamaleo? and Ramolla were adopted. Unfortunately Ramolla passed away young; therefore their estate was distributed equally between husband and wife.

Professional Career

He excelled as both an athlete and sportsman at Archer City High School before coming to Daniel Baker College on an athletic scholarship. While at DBC he served as co-captain of basketball team while also earning letters in football, baseball and track.

After graduating from DBC, he served as athletic director at Ranger College before transitioning to McMurry College in Abilene for coaching duties before enrolling at the University of Texas for his doctorate degree.

His professional career included being editor of his college newspaper and other campus activities, as well as serving in a glider corps that played an essential role in the allied invasion of Europe.

Achievement and Honors

He was an incredible athlete, dedicated professional leader and patriotic American who distinguished Daniel Baker College alumni through their outstanding accomplishments. Being inducted into this Hall of Honor serves as a fitting testament to their efforts.

As a student at DBC, Billy was extremely active. He served as president of the literary society and secretary for both students’ association and students’ association as well as being named most athletic Billy that year. Additionally he participated in golf as well as being elected member of both student council and maintaining an outstanding grade point average while playing sports.

After graduating from DBC, he taught and coached at Desdemona High School for six years before spending one year as principal in Water Valley. Later, he served as superintendent for Early Public Schools for seven years where he also coached five classes ranging from history, math, Spanish to driver education.

Personal Life

He was an active member of Hayes Barton Baptist Church and loved attending university, bowling, camping and sitting around campfires with family and friends. Dan leaves behind his wife Barbara; daughter Melissa; son Jayson and other nieces and nephews.

Earned the first Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree to ever be granted in the U.S. and spent his career researching animal diseases for the Department of Agriculture. His accomplishments included helping eliminate bovine pleuropneumonia, creating meat inspection programs, curing Texas fever and discovering Salmonella bacteria genus; additionally founding Cornell Veterinary School veterinary school at age 82 in New Jersey where his burial place is Mount Olive Cemetery dated 30 Jun 1753 with will proven on 21 Jan 1755.

Net Worth

Elmer currently owns two active stocks in our database and serves as director at Arconic Corp. He has made no insider transactions within the last 18 months.

He owns over 359 units of ServiceNow Inc stock valued at $2,636,437 according to SEC filings, having made over 64 trades of it since 2017. Of note is his exercise of 78,230 shares worth $46,821,437 on 17 August 2023 – one of many trades since. Furthermore, he holds approximately 5,58 million worth of Sysco stock which he owns with over 2,715 units owned of Sysco stock worth around $5.58 million worth. In addition, he owns over 5,58 million worth of Sysco stock worth $5.58 million as well as ownership of private helicopter and wealthy philanthropy work on animal diseases for USDA where he helped identify Salmonella bacteria among many other achievements; finally receiving his initial D.V.M degree award from Columbia.

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