Daniel Eugenennse

Who is Daniel Eugenennse?

Search historical records to gain more information about Daniel Eulensen. Discover life events, addresses, phone numbers, family relationships and more.

Sherry Johnson of Santa Cruz and William Mutz of Aptos Village Park were married August 24 by Reverend Mike Johnson at Aptos Village Park. The bride attended Harbor High School before graduating to UC Santa Cruz before working as an associate analyst at Seagate Technology.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Eulensen was born in the United States. His sister works in education. Daniel attended University of Southern California before going on to lecture at Hebrew Union College.

He maintains a YouTube channel where he posts videos of him creating video games as well as CSGO gameplay and edits. With over 1 million subscribers and his passion for milk as the name of one game – Oculus Milk.

IntelliJ IDEA for Java programming, Rider for Unity game programming and Visual Studio Code for Python/web development are his tools of choice. Fans regularly challenge him to make games by saying, “You can’t do that”. This inspired the creation of his latest title Karlson.

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