Daniel Farnsworth

Daniel Farnsworth

Daniel Farnsworth is an exceptional attorney who has secured several murder cases and millions in awards for his clients, thanks to his exceptional skills and tenacity. Daniel uses this talent to achieve winning results that his clients truly deserve.

At Virginia Tech, he graduated with both a Bachelor of Psychology and minor in Political Science. Additionally, he served on the University Commission on Student Affairs before being chosen for membership into Omicron Delta Kappa leadership fraternity, Order of the Gavel, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Early Life and Education

Farnsworth was born in Staten Island, New York City. In 1860 he relocated to Buckhannon in West Virginia where he took part in the First Wheeling Convention which led to its formation from Virginia and served a brief term as magistrate in Upshur County.

Farnsworth enjoyed significant success with the Farnsworth Company, which he sold to ITT, but struggled to meet research expenses before his death in 1971, incurring huge debt and receiving little public recognition during his life.

Dan graduated with a Bachelor’s of Psychology and minoring in Political Science from Virginia Tech. While in college, he served on both the Commission on Student Affairs and as Interfraternity Council President; additionally he held the role of Managing Editor for South Carolina Environmental Law Journal.

Professional Career

Farnsworth began his career working as both a tailor and mercantile business. Over time he became a prominent citizen in Buckhannon, serving on the second Wheeling Convention that established Virginia’s Reorganized State Government.

He graduated with honors from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Political Science before attending law school at Georgia State University College of Law.

Dan is an accomplished litigator with decades of experience handling civil and criminal matters in federal and state court, including nursing home negligence cases, wrongful deaths, personal injuries as well as claims against police officers or government officials for misconduct. He is admitted to practice before state and federal courts across the nation.

Achievement and Honors

Farnsworth was an internationally acclaimed scholar who was responsible for initiating or co-initiating numerous projects in medicinal plant research. Additionally, he founded both the American Society of Pharmacognosy and Society for Economic Botany.

He became the inaugural recipient of an American Psychological Association Division 10 Berlyne Award, given annually to researchers conducting groundbreaking work in aesthetics, creativity and art psychology.

Farnsworth also received a Distinguished Service award from the American Society of Pharmacognosy, awarded to senior members who have provided outstanding service and contributions to the discipline. He published multiple books and articles related to herbal medicine. Furthermore, Farnsworth is currently practicing law in Virginia where he handles cases including Wrongful Death/Injury cases, Workers Comp claims, Disability claims for DUI offenses as well as Real Estate transactions.

Personal Life

Daniel Farnsworth hails from Greenville and recently returned to South Central Virginia law practice following several years in Greenville. His practice specializes in cases involving Nursing Home Neglect, Wrongful Death and Injury claims against government or law enforcement officials who misuse their power or privilege.

Early in his life, he moved to Buckhannon where he learned tailoring and became involved with the mercantile business. Unfortunately during the Civil War his store was subjected to numerous raids by Jenkins’ and Jones’ Gang which resulted in severe merchandise loss for him.

He served in the first West Virginia Senate for seven years and also participated in the Wheeling Convention which resulted in its creation from parts of northern and western Virginia.

Net Worth

Farnsworth graduated from Georgia State University College of Law in 2005 and quickly established a successful legal career both criminally and civilly in Georgia. He handles DUI/misdemeanor cases as well as handling multiple trades of Hormel Food stock over 18 years according to Form 4 filings with the SEC. His net worth was estimated as being approximately $2.3 Million as of 2016.

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