Daniel Ghebresilassie

Daniel Ghebresilassie and Kebreab Ghebreselasie

Daniel Ghebresilassie works at Century College as a professor and has an estimated annual income of $93,177 according to public records. Located in Saint Paul, MN he is believed to be friends with Chris Henry Franklin.

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Early Life and Education

Daniel Ghebresilassie earned a degree in Medical studies from Latin America School of Medicine. Additionally, he holds a Masters in Family & Community Medicine from University of Gezira in Sudan. Daniel works at Century College where he has been employed for seven years – according to public records he earns an annual salary of $93,177.

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Personal Life

Kebreab Ghebreselasie currently resides in Saint Paul, MN and works as a Professor of Math at Century College. According to public records he earned an estimated annual salary of $93,177; this represents 96 percent more than average and 105 percent above median for professors at Minnesota St Colleges & Universities. According to public sources he may be married and have one child while living at various addresses around Virginia at one time or another.

His classes are organized and include homework, quizzes and exams. Additionally, he encourages his students to utilize StatCrunch, an app that instantly provides solutions when you type in problems. Although known for having a heavy accent, students usually find him easy to comprehend by listening closely.

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