Daniel Halon

Daniel Halon

Daniel makes his company and role debut with Georgia’s Capitol City Opera as Sancho in their English language production of La boheme.

Halon Studios was founded in 2003 to provide full service pitchvis, previs and postvis services and has worked on multiple high profile projects including Oscar winning films Birdman, Life of Pi and Avatar as well as tentpoles Ad Astra, Ford Vs Ferrari and Mouse Guard.

Professional Career

Halon has extensive engineering and fire forensics experience and specializes in investigating electrical, gas and welding equipment as well as extension cords and vehicle components for their source and cause. Additionally, he specializes in design review, inspections, code/standard compliance analysis testing as well as failure analysis of fire pumps, sprinkler systems, water supply systems alarm systems as well as applications utilizing AFFF foam applications.

He has directed immersive XR/VR experiences for FIRST, Vanuatu Dreams and Wonders of the World as well as real-time cinematics for award winning titles like Borderlands 3 and Tom Clancy’s The Division. Additionally he has provided transmedia pipeline services consulting on international conferences on technology and entertainment topics.

Recently he made his company debut at Capitol City Opera for their Bernstein celebration and performed as soloist with pianist Mauro Ronca for an all-English recital.

Personal Life

Halon lives with his wife Abigail and two children in Brooklyn. He enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures while taking photographs, drawing, writing short stories and playing video games – his passion is evident by all three activities!

On October 7th he will make his company debut with Georgia’s Peach State Opera performing La Boheme in English and play Monostatos.

Daniel has over two decades of experience in visualization, virtual production, video games and XR. At Halon Entertainment he serves as the Director of Real-time Cinematics; in that capacity he has directed trailers for award winning megahits Borderlands, Tom Clancey’s The Division Evolve and XCOM 2 (among many others) while working on high-profile movies including Birdman Life of Pi and AVATAR (to name just three).

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