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Dan Hodgkinson

Dan has recently completed his doctoral thesis examining multiple generations of university student activists in Central Africa. Additionally, he has served as a consultant on multiple development programmes throughout this region.

Steve McCollum and Dan Hodgkinson possess extensive jury trial experience defending clients facing criminal, juvenile, domestic violence and DUI cases in Lake County. Both attorneys are adept at cross-examining police witnesses as well as expert witnesses.

Early Life and Education

Hodgkinson exemplifies the unfaltering spirit and determination required of an athlete despite her training alone in relative solitude. Her weekly schedule aims to find a balance between intensity and injury prevention, including cross-training sessions, track workouts, steady runs and tempo runs.

She studied the records of students held back a grade and found them to be diverse, from learning disabilities to those missing school for medical or psychopathological reasons, or those suffering from psychopathology. Requiring them to repeat their grade did not benefit anyone; therefore she favored teaching practical subjects to “feeble-minded” pupils instead.

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Professional Career

Hodgkinson was an esteemed researcher in birefringent thin films and polarizing elements, helping transform them from curiosities into practical components such as polarizers and resonators.

He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and received multiple honorary doctorate degrees, publishing over one hundred scientific articles and book chapters during this time.

Dan has extensive experience handling domestic violence and juvenile delinquency matters, particularly through cross-examination of expert witnesses – which has resulted in many dismissals of State charges against clients.

Hodgkinson has been working on an autonomous vehicle project that requires speckle velocimetry odometry instrumentation since 2016 with the University of Otago’s Engineering Photonics Department.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Hodgkinson is an Otago University physics professor renowned for mentoring many of his students. He has published many articles on anisotropic thin films, receiving recognition by Optica as an Optica Fellow.

Hodgkinson is also an author and founding member of The Idler magazine, an influential philosophy journal which promotes an unhurried approach to life. Hodgkinson believes it is better to enjoy each moment as life unfolds than spend precious energy striving towards some idealized version of it in your mind’s eye.

Keely Hodgkinson became the youngest European 800m champion ever and broke her own junior indoor record by breaking it at 19. Additionally, she took home silver at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as well as multiple Diamond League titles over that distance.

Personal Life

Estie Viola Hodgkinson was his wife of 53 years. Among those left behind are sons Robert E. Hodgkinson of Stilwell and Randall L. Hodgkinson from Osawatomie as well as Daniel, Rachel and John Willome as grandchildren; Delmar and Dennis Hodgkinson from Pratt in Kansas are brothers he leaves behind as well as special friend Kathleen Peters of Hutchinson who cared deeply for him as well as other family members and friends who were close.

Attorney Dan Hodgkinson has extensive experience handling criminal cases in Lake County and is a seasoned defense lawyer, having participated in many jury trials as an Assistant State’s Attorney with the Lake County Prosecution office. With experience handling DUI, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Delinquency hearings/trials/Sex Offense cases he can effectively represent clients in all criminal matters.

Net Worth

Russel Hodgkinson reportedly boasts an estimated net worth between $1-$8 Million dollars, generated largely through his successful rugby player career.

Keely Hodgkinson’s pursuit of Olympic glory embodies both her relentless dedication as an athlete, and the resilience of her community. Driven by determination, she stands poised to inspire future generations as she makes her mark on global stages.

Hodgkinson is also an accomplished writer and journalist. He writes rock and pop music criticism for The Times newspaper as well as contributing to Mojo magazine, as well as publishing two nonfiction books: Guitar Man and Song Man. Hodgkinson has interviewed numerous contemporary songwriters such as PJ Harvey, Shirley Collins of hippy folk-era fame, Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones as well as numerous members of Mojo magazine.

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