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A Look at Daniel Craig’s Harrington Jacket

Daniel Craig’s navy Harrington jacket from SPECTRE is an iconic piece that adds style and distinction to any look. Fans have made it part of their fashion statement and consider it part of film history.

Daniel’s Leather is an NYC-based fur and leather jacket company that specializes in tailored clothing for celebrities like Papoose, Fat Joe, and Remy Ma. With experience crafting tailored garments for them as well as other music icons.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Gookin was the son of Vincent Gookin, an English politician and colonist. With him came an immigration to America in 1650 where they settled at Boston where he became actively engaged with local politics as a member of Oliver Cromwell’s Protectorate Parliament as well as trying to promote colonization of Jamaica despite failure.

Daniel Dessario Leather Jacket has become a global phenomenon and highly sought-after apparel by everyone. This timeless piece boasts of simple shirt collar style with frontal zip fastening.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is a One-To-Watch Texas fashion designer gaining attention for his couture gowns. Featured at both San Antonio Fashion Awards and Fashion Week SATX, as well as working towards becoming a Silver Jacket Entrepreneur at 2020 Texas Fashion Awards.

Daniel’s Leather designs and produces custom shearling, fur, and leather jackets for clients from various walks of life – hip-hop fans may recognize hip-hop artist Nas wearing one of Daniel’s Leather’s fur coats; its popularity among showbiz figures also extends to Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson and NFL player Clyde Edwards-Helaire among many other celebrity customers; among these products can be found long fox fur coats as well as shearling coats made with chinchilla shearling coats among many more products from Daniel’s Leather.

Personal Life

Daniel’s Leather has worked with various celebrities and even offers coats to inner-city communities annually. Their company designs and produces customized fur coats and leather jackets at prices ranging from $400 to $1900; men can choose from long fox coats and chinchilla coats while women have access to Fox vests and trench coats in their collection.

He is also popularly known for his YouTube channel where he discusses his experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome. Furthermore, he founded the Church of Jediism to assist individuals become “The Force for Love, Compassion and Peace”. Additionally to acting, he has written and directed multiple films as well as earning many accolades and awards; including membership to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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