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Dan Jerzak, April Graves, Teneshia Kragness, Dan Jerzak

Residents of Brooklyn Center began receiving glossy mailers this week from Citizens for Safer Cities PAC, an election support committee registered with the state on October 13 using an address in Brooklyn Center and phone numbers associated with Soderberg Properties.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Jerzak was raised in Brooklyn Center where he attended public schools up through eighth grade before enrolling at Brooklyn Technical High School for high school graduation and studying Accounting and Finance at City University of New York for college studies. Ultimately he earned his degree with honors.

He is currently running for a seat on the Brooklyn Center City Council alongside Kau Guannu, Andrew Johnson, and Teneshia Kragness; with an emphasis on improving education and community safety. His campaign goal is clear.

Daniel is a masculine given and surname of Hebrew origin that translates to “God is my judge”. Daniel appears as both the protagonist and title character in The Book of Daniel from Ketuvim (Writings) section of Old Testament; Christian Bible; Prophecy of Daniel; with stories featuring Daniel upholding his upright character under Kings Nebuchadrezzar II, Belshazzar, Darius I and Cyrus I serving as examples of how faith helps overcome temptation and overcome hardship.

Net Worth

Dan Jerzak has an estimated net worth of $4 Million. He earned income through various sources, such as acting and working as an auto repairman, along with owning some rental properties and an investment company. Jerzak’s home in Irondequoit is estimated to be valued at over $300,000.

Born and raised on a family farm near Ivanhoe, Minnesota. Married Lucy Steuck in 1974; together they had four children. He was an active life member of St. John Cantius Catholic Church in Wilno and also held membership in Ivanhoe VFW Post 1881.

He enjoyed tractor pulling, playing cards and meeting new people; spending time with his grandchildren; fishing, hunting, horseshoes and football are also his hobbies. He leaves behind his wife, daughter and son-in-law as well as three grandsons, two granddaughters, several nieces and nephews and other relatives.

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