Daniel Jeydel

Meet Daniel Jeydel, Director of Business Development at Omaze

Daniel Jeydel has earned acclaim as the Director of Business Development for Omaze, an online bidding service which allows people to bid on unique experiences (such as coffee dates with celebrities or walk-on television roles ) and donates the funds directly to charity. An NYU MBA alum, Daniel has also strived to strengthen connections to Judaism among his fellow millennials.

Professional Career

Omaze’s Director of Business Development, Jeydel has an exceptional understanding of how millennials consume and interact with brands. A graduate from NYU, he joined Omaze in 2015 to maximize its reach for good – connecting charities with people willing to donate money – successfully raising over $100 Million since 2015. Jeydel also works to encourage deeper connection to Judaism among his fellow millennials by organizing events such as an 800-person rave at his synagogue partnering with Daybreaker, an early-morning dance/yoga/mindfulness gathering service that hosts early morning dance/yoga/mindfulness gatherings.

Personal Life

Jeydel, an eighth-generation New Yorker and member of Temple Emanu-El, is also an integral member of his Jewish community. As Omaze’s director of business development since its launch in 2012, where he helped raise over $100 million for charity causes through events he organized or helped facilitate, Jeydel has worked to foster deeper Jewish ties among millennials – such as organizing 800-person raves at his synagogue or working with Daybreaker to host early morning dance/yoga/mindfulness events – while serving on board member positions at both companies based in Chicago as well as being married and fathering two children himself!

Net Worth

Omaze, a platform which enables individuals to bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences like coffee dates with celebrities or walk-on TV roles, allows people to bid on these unique opportunities for fundraising purposes. Jeydel has witnessed firsthand how modern technology can help raise funds for worthy causes. As an active seventh-generation member of Temple Emanu-El and member of Daybreaker (an early morning dance/yoga/mindfulness gathering), Jeydel understands first-hand its ability to raise funds.

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