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Dan McLane – A Loving Father, Brother, Brother, and Grandfather

Dan was a beloved husband and father, taking pride in watching his children achieve great things. He will be deeply missed by Lani; their two children Susan McLane from San Angelo; their grandchildren as well as Leeloo his rescue grand-dog; as well as by many nieces and nephews who knew and cared about him.

Early Life and Education

Dan McLane was an attentive husband and father, working hard to provide for his family. He deeply cared for his daughters and later grandchildren, attending many activities and education events related to them. Additionally, he was a great contributor to his community by aiding many in need. Dan is survived by his wife Lani; daughter Susan (Susan McLane) and son William of San Angelo Texas; brother Ken (Kenneth McLane of Coweta Oklahoma), nieces and nephews along with his rescue dog Leeloo.

Professional Career

Daniel McLane has been practicing law for more than 25 years and specializes in business litigation throughout Pennsylvania. A 1995 cum laude graduate of Syracuse University College of Law, Daniel holds an extensive knowledge base that serves him well when representing his clients in court proceedings.

As a law clerk at a federal court, he initially assisted judges with case research, scheduled hearings, organized files or oversaw filing, interpreted adjudicated cases for them as well as prepared witness lists.

He has extensive first chair jury and bench trial experience. His clients include commercial landlords and tenants, construction companies, loan servicers, title agencies, borrowers and individuals as well as handling complex class action suits. He takes pride in treating each legal problem as though it were his own.

Personal Life

Dan McLane was an exceptional husband, father, brother and son who always put his family first. An active and supportive parent who encouraged his children to follow their passions and excel academically; he is survived by his wife Lani; daughters Susan and William; Robert as well as grandchildren as well as many nieces and nephews – not forgetting Leeloo the family rescue dog! Additionally he proudly served his nation through Air Force Intelligence Service Goodfellow AFB with distinction.

Net Worth

Dan McLane’s legacy lives on through a foundation established to aid children living in San Juan Bautista, Suchitepequez Department in Guatemala. Funds collected will provide educational resources, food, clothing and health support services for local youth.

After retiring as a player, Dan McLane took on his current position as head coach of the Detroit Lions and saw an increase in both reputation and finances. His exceptional coaching abilities have inspired many; current estimates put his net worth at approximately $3.5 Million.

He is also the creator of WOW and GLOW wrestling shows which air nationwide. He possesses a keen understanding of business and marketing which he uses to his advantage; moreover, his strong work ethic keeps him working into weekends and summer months so as to stay ahead of competitors.

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