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Daniel Movers – An Interview With the Owner and President of Daniel Movers

Daniels Movers have been serving the moving industry for more than 100 years. As a family-owned and operated business with an Allied Van Lines Agent status and dedication to customer satisfaction, Daniels is dedicated to meeting every need of its clients.

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Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Daniel hails from Austin and graduated from Cedar Ridge High School. Since then, he has had various jobs and enjoys being physically active – playing basketball and discovering new restaurants around town are two hobbies he likes doing during his free time. Daniel loves traveling too and is always searching out his next adventure!

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Daniel Movers are a full-service moving and storage company that provide residential and commercial relocation services, and are members of Allied Van Lines to guarantee customer satisfaction. Established over three decades ago, they are known as trusted experts within their industry.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel has won multiple accolades in both business and athletics. While in high school he earned letters in three sports – football, basketball and golf. After graduating DBC he continued his studies to obtain his Business degree while serving in the military as a high-ranking U. S. Army officer – taking “How you play the game” beyond sports to real life by making an impactful difference for others’ lives.

Mr. McCollister received the MSI Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Service. Additionally, he serves as President of McCollister Transportation Group, agent for United Van Lines in Burlington NJ and Chairman Emeritus of UniGroup Board. Known for encouraging collaboration among moving industry members as well as customer service initiatives, improved technology and electronic logging devices for drivers, he is known for encouraging collaboration across moving industry members while encouraging customer collaboration initiatives as well.

Personal Life

Daniel has lived in Austin his whole life, attending Cedar Ridge High School and Stephen F. Austin State University for a few semesters. Daniel is passionate about physical fitness and enjoys activities such as indoor bouldering, running and biking – in addition to being a musician and amateur chef!

He enjoys discovering different parts of the city and trying new restaurants, as well as spending time with his family and friends. Being very social himself, he enjoys talking with others.

He joined the Air Force directly out of high school, so has lived all across the country. He enjoys traveling and hopes to visit as many countries as possible during his travels. With an undying dedication for helping others and dedication towards making your move successful.

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