Daniel Otte

Daniel Otte

Daniel Otte is an Ashland Middle School science teacher with a deep interest in both astronomy and teaching science. He has studied over 370 nebulae and galaxy clusters discovered by William Herschel during his studies.

He is also the senior author of “Mantodea Species File.” In addition, he has conducted cricket research in Hawaii, Australia and Africa and published several books on orthopteran diversity.

Early Life and Education

Otte was an influential behavioral ecologist, cricket and grasshopper expert, and prominent scientific illustrator renowned for his contributions to evolutionary biology. Additionally, he served as curator and chairman of the Department of Entomology at Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences.

At the first trial, Murphy testified she saw Otte at Lavair’s murder scene the night of. Unfortunately, however, no records exist to verify her testimony with Shephard or to show how this conversation took place and eventually recanted it.

Otte was charged largely on witness testimony, according to The Sentinel. Investigators didn’t test hair or saliva from a cigarette butt found in the car against either Otte or Lavair; latent fingerprints on a door handle also weren’t linked with either person, and eventually the case against Otte collapsed.

Professional Career

Daniel Otte provides advice to entrepreneurs and family businesses regarding strategic management and equity interest issues, with particular expertise in litigation and mediation proceedings, dispute resolution between shareholders and boards of directors, shareholder litigation management services and dispute management disputes.

His love of crickets led him to join the academy, where he eventually earned an emeritus senior curator position in entomology and published several books and articles about orthoptera diversity. In addition, he traveled the globe collecting insects ranging from Hawaii and Australia through to Africa and even Antarctica!

On the night of his murder, he claimed he was at Championsgate partying and drinking until 12:30 am; witnesses corroborated this account. A jury in October 1987 found no involvement with him in any manner in his killing.

Achievement and Honors

Otte has identified hundreds of new species and published over 300 papers and books on them, often explaining patterns such as African features in Caribbean grasshoppers. In 2009 he was honored with the Leidy Award from Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences.

His work has also advanced astronomy. He participated in the Herschel 400 project to help catalogue over 370 star clusters, nebulae and galaxies discovered by William Herschel.

He has generously given to various institutions and created a fund in memory of his mother. According to himself, science forms the backbone of any prosperous society and his contributions in entomology have been recognized through various awards and fellowships.

Personal Life

Otte is known for establishing and publishing the “Orthoptera Species File,” an online catalog of grasshoppers, crickets and katydids. Additionally, he excels at scientific illustration.

Otte was raised in South Africa, speaking English, German, Afrikaans and Zulu fluently. At an early age he demonstrated his affinity with nature when, with friends, they assembled an old wheelbarrow wagon from old wheelbarrow wheels before racing it downhill through a park and hitting an lemon tree along the way that left DNA imprints, according to Otte’s account.

Murphy recanted her testimony during the trial, alleging Shephard threatened to take away her children if she testified against Otte. Later she told reporters she lied because she was angry with Otte for cheating and felt bad about lying to police. She expressed regret over lying so readily during questioning by police officers.

Net Worth

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Otte is well known for his charitable endeavors as well as his professional career. He has helped countless cancer sufferers while contributing millions of dollars to numerous organizations. Additionally, he is known for leading an unassuming life that never flaunts its wealth; often seen wearing simple T-shirts and shorts while playing court basketball.

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