Daniel Penne

Daniel Penne

Daniel Penne resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, and currently works at Quavo as Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer.

He is responsible for overseeing all business administration activities, such as budgeting, forecasting, financial compliance and administration, legal agreements, investor obligations and human resources management. In addition, he possesses extensive expertise in claim management and dispute resolution.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Penne was born in West Islip, New York in the United States. In 2017 he enlisted with the Marine Corps and served initially as an infantry assault man before later transitioning into water survival instructor duties. While receiving praise from his superiors for his dedication and service to their nation’s military, recently Daniel made headlines after being involved with Jordan Neely’s tragic death aboard a New York City subway train.

Penny was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter, which has resulted in him being removed from active duty and now facing legal proceedings. Unfortunately, little is known about Penny as he often shies away from public view or social media; however, it has been established that he was born in 1999 in Long Island New York and still resides there today.

Professional Career

Daniel Penne hails from Long Island, New York and joined Quavo as its Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer in 2017. Prior to this role, he served with the Marine Corps as both an infantry assault man and later water survival instructor. His dedication and service have not gone unnoticed throughout his time with them, along with being an expert swimmer with much experience in water rescue operations. Now known for choking Jordan Neely to death on a subway train (refer below for legal proceedings); Daniel prefers not speaking about personal matters or using social media (link below for LinkedIn profile). More information regarding Daniel can be found below and LinkedIn page (click).

Achievement and Honors

John was an active member of St. Isidore Catholic Church in Spencer, Iowa for over 40 years, serving as both usher and member of both American Legion and VFW. Additionally, he retired as sales representative from Arnold Motor Supply out of Spencer.

He earned his BA in anthropology at Columbia University, but his real culinary education began at age 13. At Chanterelle in New York City, he participated in an informal stage (internship). Later on he gained experience working in several restaurants in New York that offered American, Italian and French cuisine.

Pennebaker preferred filmmaking with hand-held cameras and preferred non-narrated events as depictions rather than interviews or narrations of events; in one interview with G. Roy Levin he stated “a documentary film does not need to tell you what to think; all it needs to do is show you what exists.”

Personal Life

Daniel Penny is a highly private individual, refusing to disclose information regarding his family and relationships. Consequently, little is known about them. Currently residing on Long Island in New York.

Penny served his nation faithfully as an infantry assault man before becoming a water survival instructor in June 2020, receiving numerous awards for his dedication and service to our nation.

Penny recently made headlines for his involvement in a tragic incident, where he is suspected of choke-slamming homeless street artist Jordan Neely aboard a New York City subway train. While details surrounding this case remain limited, Penny was arrested and is facing manslaughter charges; originally hailing from Long Island NY he is both religious and athletic, being part of West Islip High School’s lacrosse team as well as their baseball and basketball varsity squads.

Net Worth

Daniel Penny is a Marine Corps veteran who recently gained public attention after his involvement in an incident which resulted in Jordan Neely’s death. Penny was charged with manslaughter and is currently awaiting trial; little is known about him personally but his military career and substantial net worth have made an impressionful first impression.

He prefers keeping a low profile on social media platforms, making it hard for outsiders to gain much insight into his personal life or learn of relationships or children he may have had.

According to records filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Daniel Penny owns 12,196 units of Central European Media Enterprises stock and has made 27 trades valued at over $58,612 totalling an estimated net worth of over $2.05 Million as of 8 June 2020.

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