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West Chester County Judge Orders Dan Proffitt to Begin Serving His Life Sentence in Prison

WEST CHESTER–The county’s chief judge has given Jeffrey Proffitt, who killed an Oxford woman last year at her home, permission to start serving his life sentence without psychiatric hospital supervision. Psychologer R. William Tallichet conducted an in-depth report which concluded that Proffitt did not suffer from any mental illnesses that require hospitalization.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Bert Proffitt was recently found guilty of strangling his partner to death at their Oxford home and no longer requires treatment at a state psychiatric facility, according to psychologist R. William Tallichet’s testimony before Judge Ann Marie Wheatcraft made this ruling. This expert suggested he begin serving his life sentence without needing a stay in state-run psychiatric facility first.

Defense experts testified at Proffitt’s trial, that he suffered delusional episodes at the time of the murder, including thinking Johnson and Stidoms were plotting against him with their gang affiliations and law enforcement connections. Tallichet claimed those episodes may have been caused by using illegal narcotics rather than by any significant mental illness present.

Professional Career

He has been involved with the ground-up development of Class A institutional-sized multifamily projects throughout Southeast. Working alongside groups like Faison, Stiles Corporation, and Alliance Residential to develop projects representing over $385 Million in total value.

Proffitt was arrested in December 2018 after strangling Anna Johnson at her rural East Nottingham home; Anna was the mother of three. Prosecutor Michael Dougherty stated he didn’t believe Proffitt to be an immediate threat to anyone else and didn’t recommend psychiatric hospitalisation as they hadn’t witnessed a consistent pattern of mental illness from him.

Kelly returned to Proffitt Dixon Partners as Controller in 2022 with over 19 years of auditing, commercial multifamily and retail property accounting experience. Kelly oversees various efforts such as project pursuit, feasibility, closings construction financing reporting and asset management.

Achievement and Honors

Dan enjoyed fishing and hunting as well as taking his family on many sight-seeing vacations, serving in the military and having an abiding faith. Dan leaves behind three children, nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren he was an adoring and caring husband, father, grandfather.

Proffitt was recently sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Anna Johnson, 64, at her Oxford home in 2018. He has already served more than 712 days behind bars. Ryan expressed appreciation for the work of Chester County Detectives, Pennsylvania State Police and Oxford police in this investigation; Chief Deputy District Attorney Michelle Frei was responsible for prosecuting this matter on behalf of the DA’s Office – she received great acclaim both locally and in national media coverage due to her outstanding representation of this matter.

Personal Life

Daniel Wayne Proffitt, 49, of Ringgold passed into heaven peacefully surrounded by his loving family on May 24, 2023. Daniel loved camping, hunting and traveling – often taking sight-seeing vacations with them – was an active member of Outreach Temple and deeply loved his Lord. Survivors include his wife Dora; son Dan Jr; daughters Susan Smith & Andy Proffitt as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

West Chester Superior Court Judge Ann Marie Wheatcraft determined on September 24, 2021, that 48-year-old Oxford resident Daniel Proffitt does not require treatment from a psychiatric hospital in order to serve his life sentence for strangling Anna Johnson to death inside their East Nottingham Township home in July of 2021. Anna sent text messages prior to her death warning friends “if anything happens to me Danny Profitt is responsible”. Police later discovered Anna dead.

Net Worth

Proffitt Dixon Partners (PDP) has completed development and investment deals worth over $1 Billion since forming in 2003 by Wyatt. Before founding PDP, Wyatt held executive leadership roles within some of Southeast’s premier multifamily development companies such as Camden Property Trust, Lane Company and Faison.

Casey joined our team in 2022 and is responsible for sourcing and leading significant southeastern multifamily projects. He possesses more than 21 years of multifamily, mixed use, commercial real estate development and investment experience.

Karen oversees all accounting functions at our firm in addition to her role as Principal. With 15 years of multifamily & retail property accounting experience under her belt and being both certified public accountant (she earned her B.S. at William Patterson University of NJ) and licensed real estate broker – Karen brings considerable value and is invaluable member of our team!

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