Daniel Salzman

Daniel Salzman

Daniel Salzman is a physician and neuroscientist specializing in the interaction between emotion and cognition. His research investigates neural circuitry that links emotions with reason – particularly within amygdala-connected areas of the brain.

Salzman joined DeGolyer and MacNaughton in 2010 and currently heads its Data Analytics group within its Information Technologies Division. He possesses experience evaluating prospective resources and creating economic models for onshore and offshore oil and gas fields around the globe.

Early Life and Education

Salzman was lucky enough to grow up with her own piano in her childhood home and began learning the instrument as soon as she learned to walk. She studied under Pnina Hopenko at Tel Aviv’s Shulamit Conservatory under Pnina Hopenko before being discovered by Alfred Cortot who offered to study piano with him in Paris.

Salzman belonged to an earlier generation of performers who embodied individualism of style and believed in honoring each piece’s individual spirit and character for its interpretation. Her distinctive approach included horizontal strokes for Beethoven, wrist work and vertical motion for Romantics, half staccato for Scarlatti or Bach pieces, etc.

She performed chamber music as well as premiere works by Israeli composers such as Mordecai Seter. Determined not to become “routine performers for uncritical audiences”, she constantly expanded her repertoire in order to reach artistic heights unattainable by international stars who tend to recycle the same repertoire pieces.

Professional Career

Daniel Salzman is both a clinically trained psychiatrist and neuroscientist, with research interests that center on neural circuits that represent emotions, influence how we think and behave, and mediate cognitive regulation of emotions. He serves as Professor in Columbia’s Departments of Neuroscience and Psychiatry; additionally he belongs to both the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute and Kavli Institute for Brain Science.

Lifelong passion for winemaking, his cellar of rare and finely aged Burgundy and Northern Rhone wines will be offered for auction. They were purchased soon after release with minimal exceptions, then stored meticulously.

Achievement and Honors

Salzman served on Princeton University’s U-Council and Outdoor Action, an orientation program for new students. She was also active within its preceptorial system and helped create “Inspire Conversations: The Princeton Precept”.

As one of the virology pioneers, Dr. Cochran has received many honors and awards, such as being honored as a Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1998 and numerous fellowships and scholarships for her efforts.

Salzman has long been devoted to classical winemaking, amassing an impressive collection of wines from Burgundy and Northern Rhone – some of them purchased on release from reputable merchants – that are stored with great care in his cellar. At auction today are several highlights from that cellar!

Personal Life

Saltzman is married with six children; his eldest, Bradlee, currently serves in the US Air Force as deputy chief of space operations. Patti Salzman works at Pennsylvania State University as a professor of psychology.

Dr. Lappe is also an esteemed fellow of Columbia University and member of several organizations such as the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute and Kavli Institute for Brain Science. His research interests focus on understanding the neural basis for cognitive and emotional behavior.

He believes that any effective treatment for mental illness must incorporate new insights into the interaction between emotion and cognition, his clinical training enabling him to communicate these questions both to physicians as well as wider audiences, with his lab employing both electrophysiological experiments and behavioral experiments to investigate this question.

Net Worth

Salzman holds honors degrees from Yale College and Harvard University, earning both in law and engineering. With expertise gained both within the private and public sectors – working for OECID’s Environment Directorate in Paris as an environmental manager at Johnson Wax and as Fulbright Senior Scholar Australia and Gilbert White Fellow with Resources for the Future respectively – he is well rounded in both disciplines.

As of 2022, Eric Salzman had amassed a net worth exceeding $38 Million. According to insider filings, he owns shares in ShoreTel Inc (SHOR) and 8×8 Inc (EGHT), holding them since 2013 (with one purchase and two sales). Eric Salzman made three insider trades over this timeframe; one buy trade and two sell trades being undertaken over 5 years time period – click here for his full trading history.

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