Daniel Shockley

Daniel Shockley, CFO at Alliance Physical Therapy

Daniel Shockley wears many hats. As chief financial officer at Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, he takes great care in cybersecurity as well as revenue cycle and other financial matters.

Gagliano performed Shockley’s surgery and has been closely monitoring his progress ever since, crediting Shockley’s positive mindset as the reason behind his remarkable healing.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Shockley was an American scientist and inventor, best known for his contributions in solid-state physics and electronic circuit design. Shockley is widely credited with the invention of the transistor – which revolutionized electronic circuitry – which revolutionized electronic circuitry. In 1956 he shared the Nobel Prize in Physics along with Walter Brattain and John Bardeen.

In 2022, Alliance opened its first pediatric therapy clinic and women’s health services. These initiatives were enabled through strategic investment from a private equity firm who understood its goals.

Scott E. Shockley and Matt Kelsey have both been recognized with Super Lawyer status for 2023, an honor accorded to attorneys with superior professional achievements and peer recognition. Scott practices litigation for Indianapolis-based DeFur Voran law firm specializing in litigation, personal injury and employment law matters. Matt Kelsey practices employment law.

Professional Career

Daniel Shockley serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Alliance Physical Therapy. In this position, he oversees all aspects of financial management and accounting within the organization, while also being accountable for overseeing implementation and maintenance of back office technologies.

He frequently speaks to medical professionals around the country about his experience and has used “AFAP,” an acronym of “Always Forge Ahead with Purpose,” to overcome challenges associated with having his large intestine removed due to AFAP. This mantra has helped him face his struggles head on.

As well as his speaking engagements, he has also appeared in multiple films and TV shows such as Vendetta, On the Ropes and The Blazing Cannons. Additionally, he has worked on stage performing in various roles; for which he has received many accolades over time.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel displays a strong work ethic and embraces any challenge thrown his way, boasting an outstanding 4.23 cumulative GPA as well as enrolling in multiple AP and honors courses.

On and off the court, he is an incredible leader that keeps his teammates upbeat during games. Additionally, his basketball IQ is outstanding as is his rebounding skills.

She is the author of Renegade Poetics: Black Aesthetics and Formal Innovation in African American Poetry (University of Iowa Press, 2011) as well as six collections of poetry including suddenly we (Wesleyan UP). Additionally, Semiautomatic: A Novel of the Civil Rights Movement was released for publication in 2022.

Shockley accepted his diagnosis with grace and has become an active proponent for colon cancer screenings, spreading awareness through public appearances as an advocate. Additionally, he works with organizations dedicated to raising awareness for this illness.

Personal Life

Shockley serves in multiple capacities at Alliance and is committed to both cybersecurity and financial matters. He believes the company is ready for significant transformation, including opening a new clinic by 2022 as well as adding specialty services.

He has become an advocate for colorectal cancer screening since being diagnosed with attenuated familial adenomatous polyposis (AFAP). By sharing his story publicly, he encourages others and raises awareness of this condition.

Nina Lum, of TAMC’s Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing department, credits Shockley’s positive approach during his recovery as being instrumental to his success. According to her, Shockley has taken full ownership of his ostomy pouching system by reaching out for support within the ostomy community and even giving it away in order to assist others.

Net Worth

Whitlock Mortuary, Funerals & Cremations will serve the family’s funeral needs on Thursday February 3rd from noon until service time. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made in support of Alzheimer’s Association or Ebenezer Baptist Church Toccoa – two organizations in need.

Shockley entered the job market just as Enron and Arthur Andersen collapsed, witnessing top accounting firms retract their offers at an alarming pace. He credits this experience for instilling him with a more conservative business approach; now focused on expanding Alliance’s services such as opening new clinics for pediatric therapy and women’s health and increasing teletherapy access so care remains available during pandemic outbreaks.

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