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Real Estate Finance Worker – Daniel Spear

Daniel Spear resides in Avon, New York and works as a Real Estate Finance worker. He holds various jobs at different companies while attending Monroe Community College.

He found great joy in singing country songs off key and awkwardly dancing – two hobbies he’ll surely be missed by many.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Spear was born January 31st 1926 just moments before his fraternal twin brother. Raised in Plymouth Ohio, Daniel served in the U.S. Army before going on to work as a banker and real estate developer at The Spear Group where he oversaw multifamily market-rate and affordable projects nationwide.

Daniel has always striven to achieve excellence in all facets of life. As an advocate of continuing education and professional development opportunities for his team members, Daniel implemented a policy giving all team members access to Spear Education courses as part of the onboarding process; additionally he runs monthly competitions rewarding those who complete the most online Spear courses.

Professional Career

Daniel Spear has been with BMI since 1988, serving as senior director. He collaborates closely with industry groups like the National Association of Broadcasters, Idea Bank and Media Financial Management Association.

He possesses extensive expertise in managing federally required planning documents and transportation funding issues for metropolitan planning organizations with regional populations up to 10 million people, as well as working on public-private partnership projects within the transportation sector.

He mentored several talented players that went on to play professionally, such as Alex Caskey who earned first-team All-Southern Conference honors and was selected by Seattle Sounders FC in the 2010 Major League Soccer SuperDraft. Furthermore, he has provided guidance for numerous young coaches; eight former staff members now hold NCAA head coaching positions.

Achievement and Honors

Spear has received numerous honors for his accomplishments and devotion to his work, earning a Masters of Accounting at University of Utah-David Eccles School of Business as well as a Bachelors in Accounting degree at Utah Valley University.

Robert is honored to be recognized with membership into the Fury Athletic Hall of Fame, coaching in the United Way Big Brother program and mentoring within Davidson through Ada Jenkins Center mentorship services, while actively raising money for various local causes.

He has also participated in many philanthropic projects and initiatives, such as the Higherlife Foundation and Giving Pledge, with which Davidson community has recognized him for his leadership, dedication and commitment. The Chancellor’s Council awarded him Faculty/Staff Person of the Year. For three consecutive years he chaired his department’s Kickoff Event event.

Personal Life

Daniel Spear was a beloved father, brother, grandfather, uncle, and cousin who will be greatly missed. His talents included singing country tunes way off key and awkward dancing – he was the original air guitar maestro! Additionally, Daniel served as an advocate providing inner city students access to life-changing educational opportunities.

Bowdoin Bound was created by him, with the aim of encouraging students to pursue college dreams like Bowdoin. Additionally, he brought groups of students to campus during summer vacation sessions, connected them with mentors, and guided them through both admissions and financial aid processes.

Daniel Spear enjoyed hiking and golfing as hobbies, as well as spending time with his family. He is survived by Lori Rivera DiChario as well as Marc and Barry Spear – his daughters Lori Rivera DiChario and Marc Spear who will honor his legacy by keeping up his memory.

Net Worth

Daniel Spear is a Principal at The Spear Group where he oversees its multifamily market-rate and affordable rental business. Daniel’s primary responsibilities involve developing new projects from concept to reality with an emphasis on innovative design and sustainability.

He manages the company’s investment and financing activities in Florida and the Northeast region, having previously worked at Morgan Stanley as an investment banker.

Spear was co-founded in 1999, beginning as a small treatment room in midtown Manhattan with the goal of offering clinical excellence with five-star customer service. Over time, however, it has expanded into 27 locations across NYC and Westchester.

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