Daniel Staggers

Daniel Staggers and East Texas Baptist University

Daniel Staggers of Martinsburg, West Virginia specializes in estate planning and elder law as well as teaching business law at Potomac State College.

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Early Life and Education

Staggers was a four-year starter at center for Campbell University under coach Danny Roberts from 1973-77, earning all-state and all-district honors during that period.

Once his playing career had concluded, he transitioned into coaching in Belgium, leading teams such as Andenne (1977-1980), Standard Liege (1980-86) and Mariandenne (1987-91) all the way to postseason play.

Keyser, West Virginia has renamed Water Street after him as well as its middle school and vocational center, honoring this eminent figure from Mineral County from 1937-1941 as sheriff and as navigator in World War II with the U.S. Naval Air Corps. From 1966-1981 he chaired the House Committee on Foreign and Interstate Commerce (which later evolved into today’s Energy and Commerce committee) while remaining an outspoken supporter of national railroad companies.

Professional Career

Staggers & Staggers and Potomac State College. He practices estate planning, elder law and trusts law as well as being licensed in West Virginia, Maryland and DC.

He has also published articles about probate and estate planning. Additionally, he belongs to both the West Virginia State Bar Association and Maryland State Bar Association.

Staggers was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1948 and served West Virginia’s 2nd congressional district for sixteen terms before retiring in 1981 as chairman of House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce (now Energy and Commerce). A passionate supporter of American railroading industries, Staggers was an integral figure.

Achievement and Honors

Chase Staggers has been employed at East Texas Baptist University since summer 2013, serving in various capacities since then as one of two Moves and Set Up Coordinators within Physical Operations. Chase has always valued Christian education highly and finds great fulfillment in fulfilling its mission through this university.

Harley Orrin Staggers Sr. was born August 3, 1907 in Keyser, Mineral County, West Virginia and served 16 terms from 1949-1981 in the U.S. House of Representatives representing West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District from 1949 until 1981. For 16 years he chaired the House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce (now Energy and Commerce). The Staggers Rail Act of 1980 was his most significant legislative accomplishment.

Personal Life

Daniel Staggers is a married man with three children. Harley Orrin Staggers Jr, currently serves in Congress representing West Virginia’s 2nd District as a Democrat.

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Net Worth

Staggers’ net worth is currently estimated to exceed $200 million. He and his wife have two children: Mary Kaye Staggers is currently teaching law at Potomac State College and serving on the West Virginia Democratic Executive Committee, while his son Harley Orrin Staggers served 16 terms in U.S. Representative from West Virginia’s 2nd congressional district as U.S. Rep.

From his position on the House Transportation Committee, Staggers is an outspoken champion for American railroad workers and their families. His signature legislative achievement was passing of the Staggers Rail Act in 1980; additionally, he served as chairman of House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce from 1966-1981 – making history by being longest-serving chair ever! Additionally, Staggers is partner at Staggers & Staggers Law firm where he practices estate planning and elder law services.

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