Daniel Stillwell

Daniel Stillwell – Marriage and Family Therapist

Daniel Stillwell is a Marriage and Family Therapist at Matone Counseling’s South Charlotte branch in North Carolina and holds national MFT supervisor credentials.

As a leader of the LGBTQ community, he is adept at understanding all dimensions of gender. He offers compassionate assistance during relationship restructuring or coming-out processes.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Stillwell was born in Mullens, West Virginia to Edgar and Ora Barnett Stillwell and attended Jones High School before graduating as a member of the West Virginia Press Association. Daniel enjoyed railroading, soccer, high school sports, political debates and music; he also greatly valued family, animals and music. Daniel leaves behind his wife Mary Stillwell; son Justin; brother and sister-in-law Tommy & Kendra Stillwell as well as nephews Kadence Halle Taylin.

Daniel Stillwell was a Caribbean pirate best known for his association with Benjamin Hornigold. Captured on Eleuthera by Deputy Governor Thomas Walker while using Darvill’s shallop for pirate activity, Walker had him sent back to Jamaica where an Admiralty Court would try him instead of facing prosecution himself.

Professional Career

Daniel’s clinical expertise lies in relationship therapy, working primarily with couples and adult families. He believes that change is more profound and sustainable when embedded within existing relationships that matter deeply to his clients.

Stillwell is both an LMFT in North Carolina and nationally credentialed MFT supervisor, offering his clients at Matone Counseling an integrative approach to care – especially skilled at working with high-achieving people.

Experienced with working with LGBTQ+ communities, he is compassionately there for people navigating relationship restructuring or coming out processes. Additionally, his practice includes poly/kink communities of various forms regardless of hierarchy structures; his goal is to see them flourishing while seeing individuals, adult families and late adolescents alike in his practice.

Achievement and Honors

Stillwell received the Princeton University Press Post Sabbatical Merit Award in 2015 for his book Elements of Mathematics: From Euclid to Godel. Completed during his sabbatical leave, this work explored both the limits and inherent ambiguities of mathematics.

He served on the Earlewood Community Citizens Council and Ezekiel Ministries boards, EdVenture Ladies Night Out board, South Carolina Society of Association Executives board and American Marketing Association’s Leadership Academy as well as being appointed by AARP Foundation’s 401k Oversight Committee.

He is the recipient of several scholarships and awards established by an alumnus, such as the H.S. Stillwell Problem-Solving Scholarship, Muktha Srinivasan Student Scholarship, and WYSE Academic Challenge Scholarships.

Personal Life

Daniel Stillwell is a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed in North Carolina as both an LMFT and MFT graduate-level instructor. Additionally, he works at Matone Counseling’s Charlotte branch as counselor.

He is passionate about supporting the LGBTQ community and their relationships, offering guidance and assistance with relationship restructuring, coming out processes, or “typical” relational challenges.

Dan earned both his Bachelor of Science (BS) and Masters of Forestry degrees from Duke University while serving on its men’s gymnastic team. Following graduation, he taught Geography for 33 years at various public and private schools both domestically and abroad, specialising in natural hazards, biogeography and cartography.

Net Worth

He has appeared in multiple films and television shows, boasting an estimated net worth of around $2 Million and amassing a large fan base on social media platforms such as Twitter.

He currently resides at 345 Telford Street in Alcoa, Tennessee in Blount County for around three years now.

Daniel Stillwell was an active Caribbean pirate from 1715-1718. He married Jonathan Darvill’s daughter and used his sloop, the Happy Return, for sailing missions. When Stillwell captured a Spanish ship, Nassau’s Deputy Governor Thomas Walker heard about it, since Spain and England had recently signed an armistice treaty and promptly took possession of it as part of his “peace treaty appropriations”.

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