Daniel Stochel

Daniel Stochel

Stochel engaged in an unprecedented campaign of looting during his time as Tip Top’s receiver. When its principals raised questions about his accounting practices, they petitioned a judge for an audit appointment; but Stochel refused and delayed making this appointment on false pretenses, falsely asserting that enough funds existed within Tip Top to pay an auditor.

He filed three appeals of three of the judge’s sentencing rulings. These included his inability to receive a two-point reduction for accepting responsibility and the calculation of his loss amount.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Stochel and Shari E. Stochel have been married for 56 years. Together, they are parents to one child and reside at 7 Anchor Road Spring Valley New York 10977. Daniel hails from Brooklyn before attending Western Washington University to earn his degree in Human Services, graduating with an AA degree in the field and completing three internships involving working with drop-in children’s shelters in South Africa and foster youth in Burlington and Bellingham respectively.

Rabbi Stochel made significant contributions during his 29 years at Ramaz School and its students. Beginning as a Talmud teacher, he quickly rose through the ranks to head of upper school guidance, college guidance, Israel guidance and more – even during difficult periods such as pandemic outbreak.

Professional Career

Stochel has been working at Physio-Control Inc since 1997 as both an Operations Test Engineer and Co-founder of their social enterprise iAddiction. Additionally, his interest in philanthropy led him to complete three internships while in college; one at Masizame Children’s Shelter for abused, homeless or abandoned youth from South Africa and two as Case Aides at Secret Harbor Child Protective Services were among them.

Stochel and Brooks have amassed more than $6 Million from investors for their project despite widespread suspicion that its foundation lies with falsified documents. Brooks and Stochel insist they will pursue their claims even if nothing of value can be recovered on board their ship; free public records show that Stochel may be married to Shari E who he has lived with at 18 different addresses over time.

Personal Life

Public records reveal that Daniel Stochel is married to Shari E Stochel and they reside at 7 Anchor Rd in Spring Valley NY 10977 with four children. Daniel has been with Shari for 18 years, living together at 10 different addresses over this timeframe. Daniel also belongs to the Jewish community as a rabbi. Born January 1963.

Even though Stochel and Brooks may have falsified documents, many naval historians still see value in salvaging the ship.

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