Daniel Stockwell

Daniel Stockwell – A Man Who Put Others Before Himself

Daniel Stockwell was known for putting others before himself, often risking his own life to assist those in need. That is why he received the Carnegie Medal of Honor.

Stockwell filed this PRP seeking to withdraw his guilty plea for first degree statutory rape committed in 1986, alleging that its judgment and sentence is facially invalid due to misstatement of maximum term in plea form.

Early Life and Education

Stockwell was raised on a farm near Bala, Michigan, and attended school at Laurel Hill one-room schoolhouse. He was married for 88 years to Leota Mae Stockwell who passed away in March 2018.

His children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, stepchildren and stepsisters survive him as well as sister Jill Leto of Frankenmuth and brother Chris Stockwell; stepsisters Tia Diep and Jacqui Bailey; two brothers Nicholas and Andrew Stockwell; aunts and uncles; four special dogs Tom Bo, Lucky Sophia as well as Mia his cat companion. Tom loved all forms of music as well as being passionate about Michigan football team (he graduated in 1981). Additionally he acted in over 40 movies/television shows/commercials during his lifetime – something you won’t find elsewhere :

Professional Career

Stockwell had multiple television roles during the ’80s, including Playhouse 90 and Johnny Staccato. Additionally, he appeared as Judd Steiner in the Broadway stage adaptation of Compulsion.

In 1983, Stockwell was volunteering as a lifeguard on Maine’s coastal waters when he saw a man being washed off a rocky ledge and into the turbulent surf. Acting quickly with help from others on shore, Stockwell managed to grab one end of a rope tied to him and pull him safely back onto land.

Stockwell contends in his direct appeal that (1) his 1986 conviction for first degree statutory rape does not parallel the current crime of first degree child rape; (2) the trial court committed errors by sealing jury questionnaires without considering Bone-Club 1 factors; (3) certain jurors for cause challenges were improperly adjudicated; (4) and his appellate counsel on direct appeal ineffectively represented him by failing to request voir dire transcripts and providing inadequate briefing of comparability analysis.

Achievement and Honors

Stockwell had several memorable roles in film, such as playing Dr. Wellington Yueh in David Lynch’s Dune and being cast as the pansexual pimp/drug dealer who lip-syncs Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” from Blue Velvet. Additionally, Francis Ford Coppola directed three movies featuring Stockwell while Wim Wenders brought him together with Harry Dean Stanton for Paris, Texas.

Beginning his racing career at Newmarket in October 1864 with an outstanding second place finish behind stablemate Little Harry in the Craven Stakes for two year olds, Daniel O’Rourke placed eighth at Epsom for the Derby race before embarking on his three year racing career with additional successes at both venues.

Stockwell-Gregson made her mark as Iowa Women’s assistant coach by coaching four NCAA qualifiers; unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic they were unable to compete in finals competition.

Personal Life

After his time on Quantum Leap, he appeared in such shows as Snowy River: The McGregor Saga, Nowhere Man, Commish and Can’t Hurry Love. Additionally he had a regular role on The Tony Danza Show (1998) which ran only 14 episodes.

He also dabbled in visual arts, producing photo collages and dice sculptures as well as designing album covers for musician Neil Young.

In 1986, Stockwell was found guilty of first degree statutory rape and plead guilty, receiving a special sex offender sentence alternative. He did not appeal either his conviction or sentence nor claim that there had been actual prejudice due to misstatements of maximum term on plea form. 21 years ago he was released from DOC supervision.

Net Worth

Stockwell began his acting career during the 1940s. He appeared in several movies such as Anchors Aweigh with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly; Kim with Errol Flynn; Gentleman’s Agreement which won him a Golden Globe Award; and The Boy With Green Hair which proved controversial at its time of release.

He made his Broadway debut as Judd Steiner in Compulsion (1957). That year he married actress Millie Perkins; two years later they divorced each other.

Stockwell passed away at 85 in November 2021 and was laid to rest in Whangarei, New Zealand. His estimated net worth was $5 Million; most widely recognized for his role as Al Calavicci on Quantum Leap. A dedicated family man, Stockwell was much loved by fans worldwide.

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