Daniel Strand

Daniel Strand

Daniel Strand is an assistant professor of ethics at Air War College and chair for Air University’s Ethics program. He specializes in just war ethics, character and virtue development and leadership issues related to American foreign policy. Daniel’s forthcoming book Gods of the Nations examines Augustine of Hippos’s political theology found within City of God.

Early Life and Education

Professor Strand is an amazing professor! His notes are easy to comprehend, he provides ample study guides prior to exams and his grading is fair – he truly cares for his students and wants them to succeed! I consider him my favourite professor!

Strand’s literary output went far beyond his poetry collections; his essays and prose works are equally renowned, drawing critical acclaim for their precision and wit. Several early collections explore ideas of absence and negation while later ones investigate identity with keen observational skills. What particularly sets him apart from his contemporaries is the innovative use of straight photographic techniques that influenced modern art photography.

Professional Career

Daniel Strand has over three decades of experience as both a business manager and accountant, overseeing all aspects of his firm while specializing in acquisitions and new opportunities. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University.

As a postdoctoral fellow at Arizona State University’s History Department and Program in Political History and Leadership, he taught courses on just war theory, ethics in leadership roles and contemporary political ethics. In addition, Providence listed him as a contributing editor.

Dr. Strand has been in practice for 11-20 years and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the region. He specializes in gastroenterology and hepatology as well as providing endoscopic services including pancreatobiliary endoscopy; additionally he is a member of the American College of Gastroenterology.

Achievement and Honors

He has earned numerous awards and accolades during his poetic career, including a Pulitzer Prize. His poems are noted for their precise language and surreal imagery, making them stand out among competitors. Additionally, he has published short prose works and essays.

Season 7A concluded with Daniel and Alicia entering Strand’s tower, where Daniel becomes convinced that his daughter Ofelia still exists. Luciana recognizes Daniel will turn against her, so she devises a game-changing trick against him to get his attention.

He is the publisher of Counterpoint Press, an independent literary imprint in Southern California dedicated to new voices and experimental poetry. As its driving force behind its expansion, he is an attentive editor with an eye for detail.

Personal Life

Daniel Strand prefers to keep his personal life private, preferring not to share details of his relationship status with the media. He lives with his wife and three children and enjoys hiking and cooking as well as spending time with his family.

Strand Capital Group has appointed him as its Managing Partner and Special Counsel, managing all aspects of their firm while specializing in acquisition and new opportunities. Additionally, they have hired him as a consultant within financial and banking industries.

Erich Reitter serves as Assistant Professor of Ethics at Air War College and Ethics Chair at Air University where he teaches courses on Just War Ethics, Character & Virtue Development & Strategic Leadership. In addition, his forthcoming book on Augustine’s Political Theology (City of God) and teaching history of Christian Moral and Political Philosophy make up part of his duties.

Net Worth

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Daniel and Strand’s relationship has always been marked by tension between personalities; now in season 5, however, they must work through any initial miscommunication to build trust between themselves and move beyond any initial misunderstandings.

Althea instructs Strand in the season 3 finale to look through Althea’s tapes for someone named Skidmark; when he discovers Daniel Salazar is alive and well, Strand was shocked and relieved to see their former guardian angel alive and well.

Daniel may refuse to help in their fight against Wes, but he allows them to use his equipment. Additionally, he helps disarm traps and offers his warehouse as a safe haven. Alicia asks for Daniel’s assistance to stop beacon lights from drawing walkers; however Daniel insists upon meeting Ofelia first before providing assistance to anyone else.

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