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Daniel Christopher Witter

Daniel delighted in life; he pursued success and reveled in winning at everything he tried, be it youth baseball, basketball or golf.

Witter told police he hit a vehicle at 80th Street North and Washington Street before fleeing home in panic. A detective later contacted him regarding this incident.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Christopher Witter lived a full and fulfilling life. He was greatly loved and will be dearly missed.

Witter served 19 consecutive terms as Representative from Tioga County in New York State Assembly. A frequent lecturer at Farmers Institutes about dairy issues and soils, he also served as president of New York State Dairymen’s Association.

The Daniel Parrish Witter Agricultural Museum was constructed on the grounds of the New York State Fair in 1928 in his honor. Operated by Friends of Daniel P. Witter Agricultural Museum – a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with twelve directors serving on its board of directors including ex officio members such as Fair Director, Superintendent and President of New York State Agricultural Society.

Professional Career

Daniel Witter was an intensely competitive person who enjoyed winning. He excelled at everything he attempted and had an outstanding golf swing – playing an abundance of rounds on some of the country’s best courses with friends. Additionally, he boasted an outstanding three point shot that allowed him to continually develop his game.

On Feb. 8, Witter contacted Wood County Sheriff Shawn Becker and reported hitting a vehicle near Washington Street on 80th Street North the previous evening, according to a criminal complaint. He claimed he must have swerved, clipping its back end as a result, according to police findings at the scene. They discovered pieces that matched Witter’s truck, leading them to charge him with one misdemeanor count of leaving the scene of an accident.

Achievement and Honors

He has earned many honors and awards throughout his career, such as an Honorary Credential from China for Excellence in Foreign Poetry and being named a Library of Congress Witter Bynner Fellow. Additionally, he belongs to National Writers Circle of Americas and Native Writers Hall of Fame.

Beloved teacher in the field of psychiatry at North Florida Regional Medical Center. His students appreciate him for making learning interactive and enjoyable; residents often refer to “Taco Tuesday” classes he hosts with residents as part of learning experience. Furthermore, he has won multiple awards in recognition of his literary works including one from University of Arizona which included receiving their prestigious scholarship award.

Personal Life

Daniel Witter was fondly known as Bubby by his family. With an overflowing heart and big hugs for everyone he came in contact with, Daniel loved his mom’s home cooking as well as spicy foods – often finishing his meals before sharing his own with others! Daniel leaves behind his wife Suzanne as well as three of his four children Roderick Witter of Augusta Georgia; Carol Allen (Dave Naragon); Jeffery Witter from Greenwood Indiana as well as 22 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

After graduating high school, Daniel moved out west where he worked as a server and gambled professionally. Additionally, he enjoyed golf immensely, with an outstanding three point shot and swing. Daniel lived his life to its fullest, never taking anything for granted.

Net Worth

Daniel Christopher Witter, better known by his nickname Bubby, was an immensely kind and generous soul with a playful spirit who enjoyed traveling and experiencing new things. Adored by both family and friends alike, Bubby will be missed greatly.

Witter agreed to plead guilty to three counts of money laundering and cooperate with investigators in accordance with a seven-page agreement he signed on June 1. Additionally, according to court records he agreed to return $69,000 frozen in Austria by the IRS and forfeit $91,000 as part of an April fraud and money-laundering sting operation involving federal agents posing as drug traffickers; according to government witness Richard Kapouch he planned on investing this $1 million from foreign accounts into Cash Kingdom, a Fort Lauderdale pawn shop owned by brothers co-defendants in this case.

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