Daniel Wonacott

Buddy Nielsen and Daniel Wonacott Discuss Albums That Changed Their Lives

Daniel Wonacott is an established musician and producer who has contributed his skills to multiple musical projects over time, such as Finch and Senses Fail bands as well as commercials for films and television. Since 1988 he has been active in the music business.

Early Life and Education

Bristol To Memory, a Southern California rock band comprising brothers Rory and Kealan O’ Connell, drummer Alex Buster and guitarist Daniel Wonacott (formerly of Finch), are poised to release their first full-length album after five years of releasing EPs. Taking their name from one of Santa Ana’s cross streets that they all lived near, Bristol To Memory are set for their official debut this coming fall.

Buddy Nielsen sits down for a chat with Daniel Wonacott – producer and former guitarist from Finch – about growing up listening to country music, copying songs onto cassette tapes for use later, struggling to afford CDs, recording technology transforming how musicians create soundtracks, as well as discussing The Smashing Pumpkins album Siamese Dream.

Professional Career

Daniel Wonacott is an award-winning producer and Billboard chart-topping songwriter who has written music for numerous artists such as Finch, Senses Fail and Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes. Additionally, he tours as a touring musician playing bass and guitars. Buddy interviews Daniel on this episode regarding which albums have had an impactful effect in their lives; topics include copying music onto cassette tapes for copying purposes, difficulties associated with purchasing CDs online and recording technology improvements over time.

Achievement and Honors

After 12 years, Bristol to Memory are back with a brand-new album which, according to bassist Daniel Wonacott, does not represent their past or their present selves – instead it reflects contemporary elements within their current group, comprised of Rory O’Connell, Alex “Grizzly” Linares and Alex Pappas who all grew up together and spent their lives performing and recording music together.

“Rushingwind,” engineered and produced by Daniel Wonacott with Odell Borg/High Spirits Flutes, features an eclectic fusion of Native American and Latin grooves sure to get your feet moving. This album won Best Instrumental Album at the 2018 Native American Music Awards; furthermore it was nominated for Latin GRAMMY Awards.

Personal Life

Daniel is a producer and bassist, having played in seminal rock bands Finch and Senses Fail. Additionally, he works as a sound mixer with solo artists, bands, film makers, commercials and podcasts. Buddy Nielsen interviews Daniel about The Smashing Pumpkins album Siamese Dream’s influence on his music; country music; copying songs onto cassette tapes to save costs when buying CDs; as well as Daniel’s distinctive vocal style.

Orange County band Bristol to Memory has finally found their voice with their debut full-length album. Produced by former Finch guitarist Daniel Wonacott and featuring Buddy Nielsen from Senses Fail as vocalist as well as Alex Linares on guitar and Alex Pappas on drums, the record draws upon post-hardcore soundscape that resonated so strongly for both bands while remaining contemporary in approach.

Net Worth

Tim & Associates is an antiques specialist with an estimated net worth of $2 Million, built upon his success as an auctioneer and TV personality. Tim’s primary source of income comes from auctioning fine arts at auctions while providing advice to buyers and sellers of antiques business advice through Tim & Associates.

Wonnacott made himself into an expert on antiques during his tenure on Bargain Hunt, known for educating viewers and helping them become acquainted with collecting.

Wonnacott lives with his wife Helen and three children Alice, Ben and Fred – they enjoy spending quality time as a family. Additionally they love traveling together and have visited many countries during this journey. Finally they own an idyllic house in Horsham West Sussex together.

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