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Dan Zagorin

Dan is passionate about bridge, but he also finds enjoyment from strategic games, working out and enjoying an excellent beer. He lives with his wife and two children in a Murray Hill brownstone.

Zagorin explores the intellectual and religious traditions from which early proponents of toleration emerged, showing how concern for religion’s spiritual welfare contributed more to toleration efforts than secular or pragmatic arguments.

Early Life and Education

Zagorin worked for the Office of War Information in New York during World War II, analysing the effects of propaganda broadcasts in occupied Europe. He published books about Francis Bacon and Milton, while later creating a groundbreaking survey called How Religious Toleration Came to the West (1990), exploring why Christianity, typically one of the least tolerant faiths, had become less fundamentalist over time.

In 2021 he created a video challenging his fans to say something that they believe he couldn’t create before doing just that. Additionally, he maintains a YouTube channel featuring CS:GO videos and devlogs, currently living at 2133 N Kenmore Ave in Chicago since February 2016 when moving here temporarily; previously lived here from 10 months starting February 2016 until moving out October 2015 before finally moving in October of 2015 after living somewhere else for 10 months in between (although no longer at that address). He previously also lived at this address starting February 2016 before moving out). Additionally he once resided at 2133 N Kenmore Ave Chicago since February 2016 as well as being part of their CS:GO community since February 2016.

Professional Career

In the 1940s he worked as a fund-raiser for the Massachusetts Heart Association and analysed propaganda broadcasts sent from New York for the Office of War Information. Later, he joined McGill university’s faculty in Montreal, quickly rising to full professorship within nine years. He authored various works such as Milton: Aristocrat and Rebel (1992) which examined Milton’s politics; Francis Bacon (1999), an examination of Francis’ role in shaping modern science; as well as Ways of Lying (1990), an examination of Catholic and Protestants use in dealing with loyalty oaths during European wars of religion.

In 2021, he and his partner acquired a dismantled site of two 1870s-era buildings in Murray Hill for $270,000 with plans of developing it as a high-rise condominium project.

Personal Life

Dan Zagorin lives with his wife and two young boys in Chicago, Illinois. He enjoys working out, enjoying a good beer, amazing food and live music performances as well as strategic games such as Chess. When not doing these things he likes spending time with family.

He enjoys playing bridge and traveling extensively – visiting over 10 countries so far. Additionally, he’s an amazing chef who enjoys experimenting with new recipes.

Robert is known for being generous to his fellow bridge players, always willing to assist those experiencing problems with the game. Additionally, he has donated money to charity causes. Robert is a member of Chicago Jewish Community Center as well as volunteering with American Cancer Society and YMCA; serving on boards of several non-profit organizations as a result.

Net Worth

Public records estimate Daniel Zagorin to be worth at least $1.5 million, with properties in Chicago and New York City included in his real estate portfolio. Two condo buildings he developed sold out before completion; his latest project on Howe Street will replace an 18th-century frame house with three-unit condominium building designed by Cashel Homes which will feature 1980s flair like pipe handrails and triangular windows – among other touches.

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