Daniel Zairis

Daniel Zairis – Actor, Writer and Social Activist

Ahmad Crowell, 31 of Warwick is charged with first-degree murder and possessing firearms during violent crime in connection with an alleged shooting at Providence nightclub on September 7. He has been held at Seekonk Police Department and faces first-degree murder and firearm charges respectively.

As police arrived, they observed a crowd of 50 individuals near Thomas Olney Common and recognized three male subjects with characteristics associated with possessing firearms.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Kyri is an award-winning American actor best known for his portrayal of Darren Ritter on the popular American TV drama Chicago Fires. Additionally, Daniel works as a writer and social activist – including being part of LGBTQ communities to spread equality messages through various platforms. At 5 feet 8 inches with an average bodyweight.

He was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island and enjoys amassed an extensive following on social media as an advocate for LGBTQ rights. Additionally, he is active in the theatre scene having performed various roles throughout his career.

Professional Career

Daniel is a full-stack software engineer at Givewith, where he works to enhance our world-class platform that empowers brands to make an impactful social statement. Additionally, Daniel graduated with Macaulay Honors at City College of New York with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

After seeing this video was posted online, rival gangs immediately began patrolling Hope and Camp streets looking for members of East Side who resembled those seen wearing yellow belts seen in the video. This escalated a serious dispute between East Side and other Providence area gangs.

The initial shooting occurred outside of Revel Lounge on O’Connell Street in lower South Providence and resulted in Daniel Zairis of Providence being shot 24 years old before fleeing from the scene.

Achievement and Honors

Allistair Babjak, Hayden Barton-Damsch, Emily Burke, Victor Cerda Jr, Nolan Crooks, Madison Diringer and Joshua Dishman have been honored on various honor rolls at CBW School; others recognized are Evan Cowsert, Scott Cristea, Michael Fierro Carlton Glover Daniel Goveia Jack Helms Camden Hill Nicholas Jones Emma McCoy Trey Mercer among them. Additionally the school has awarded Special Recognitions such as Academic All American National Merit Semifinalists as well as Connecticut State Athletic Championships achievements as well as New England Tournament of Champions and Connecticut State Athletic Championships competitions among them.

Personal Life

Police confirm the arrest of Ahmed Crowell of Warwick for an April 21 shooting incident in Providence. Seekonk police arrested Crowell after finding him Monday at an autobody shop there and took him into custody.

He has been charged with first-degree murder and discharging a firearm when committing violent crime that results in death, according to court documents filed Wednesday and held without bail.

Providence police reported that Zairis, 24, was shot outside Revel Lounge on O’Connell Street in Lower South Providence around 1AM Saturday morning while leaving. A gunman approached him while walking out and shot multiple times into him before fleeing from the scene – his friends returned fire at his attacker but it failed. Zairis was transported to Rhode Island Hospital but later passed away from his wounds.

Net Worth

Daniel Dipiazza is an acclaimed Self-Help Author and Entrepreneur who founded Rich20Something. He is best known for his Startup Series minicourse of books which help people start their own businesses. Originating in United States, Daniel has made such a substantial amount of money through his primary profession as an Author.

At Dec. 2011, he had $191,000 worth of household goods, two properties at Briny Breezes valued at $235,000 and $340,000 respectively, as well as a life insurance policy worth $6,149. Additionally, mortgages totaling $57,630 and $240,000 remain unpaid as well as an unpaid credit union balance amounting to $8300 owed by him.

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