Daniel Zook

Daniel Zook

Daniel Zook has worked as a project manager at Dalberg since 2003, helping clients overcome complex issues from an international standpoint. He has led projects in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

He was charged with multiple felony counts of sexual assault and child abuse after admitting to abusing a girl, aged 14, during an incident which took place between 2016 and 2018.

Early Life and Education

Daniel is an ancient biblical name and often used as both given name and surname by males today. Additionally, it has become associated with several notable individuals who share its origin.

Zook returned home following his discharge and married Mary Elizabeth Howe. Together they would have three children: Ida J., Milton O. and Minnie A. Zook – members of the Maitland Brethren Church who resided on a farm near Lewistown in Mifflin County.

The Book of Daniel, more commonly referred to as The Prophecy of Daniel, is part of the Old Testament Ketuvim (Writings), as well as both Jewish and Christian canons. The traditional stories from chapters 1-6 reveal a man with great integrity who stands firm against temptation and overcomes difficulties to achieve victory over life’s obstacles.

Professional Career

Daniel Zook joined the military on 9 August 1862 at Elliotsburg in Perry County as a private for Company D of 47th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, before being discharged on 17 May 1865.

After his retirement from military service, Zook entered the business world. He has held various roles such as marketing consultant and account manager at Words at Work; here he oversees strategic campaigns for several of Words at Work’s client firms.

Zook has also served as an assistant football coach with both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League (NFL), currently as defensive coordinator of Seattle Sea Dragons in XFL and currently residing in Albany New York with two children named Ida and Milton Zook.

Achievement and Honors

Zook earned a formidable reputation during his time coaching the Florida Gators, known for their fierce competitive nature that resulted in some memorable victories against top rivals Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Tigers and Florida State Seminoles at Bobby Bowden Field – some fans still remember fondly this victory today!

He also distinguished himself in recruiting. He brought in many talented players – some went on to play professionally – into his teams. Additionally, he was involved with charitable work and community service in Lancaster County as a judge and served his community by volunteering. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Personal Life

Zook was an avid builder, helping build his family home in Maitland as a carpenter while also serving his church, serving as deacon at his Old Order Amish community’s Dry Valley branch.

By 1863, he had rejoined the 47th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, stationed with his company at Fort Taylor in Key West, Florida. While here, he participated in multiple skirmishes and secured federal installations throughout Florida’s Dry Tortugas region.

Ephraim and Ivan Zook have been charged with multiple felony counts of rape and unlawful sexual contact with minors, which will go to trial starting 2023. Their trial will involve five girls aged 6-15 from Albany area that they abused sexually. They remain free on $75,000 bail while this matter unfolds.

Net Worth

Daniel Zook is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of at least $18.7 Million as of October 25th 2019. Over his 20 year trading history he has made 29 trades of Costco Wholesale Corp stock which have led him to amassing an estimated net worth in excess of this sum.

He boasts a vast social media following of over 300,000 on Instagram, where he often posts images related to his work and other related subjects.

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