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Compona Interviews Daniels Tool Expert

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation has become a world leader in application tooling for aerospace and high-reliability electronics industries over seven decades. Their products can be found on every defense system, aircraft program, land or sea-going transport system and space exploration program imaginable. Compona offers many DMC products including their hand terminal crimping tool that conforms to military standard MIL-DTL-22510/1; this device works with over 1,000 turret heads or positioners and therefore suits virtually every contact and wire combination possible.

Early Life and Education

Daniels has seen numerous doors open up since becoming a student and employee at Dallas College. Now serving as a Dallas Promise/Rising Star case manager, he assists students in everything from financial aid paperwork to enrolling them in classes that will lead to degree completion.

While still in college, he started playing drums in local bands and performing as a session drummer in Los Angeles for Green Jello and Pigmy Love Circus. Soon enough he would meet singer Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Adam Jones and eventually join their band Tool. Later he added the percussion element with Mandala pads which can be heard on tracks like “Right in Two” from 10,000 Days; plus jazz performances as well as side projects such as ZAUM.

Professional Career

Daniel has had an extensive professional journey. Starting as a line inspector at a poultry slaughter facility and later transitioning into an all-encompassing business process specialist role.

DMC Tools, a leading supplier of application tooling for aerospace and high-reliability electronics industries, provide crimping tools that are widely utilized within defense systems, aircraft programs, land or seagoing transport systems and space exploration programs – as well as being listed on the Department of Defense Qualified Product List.

Daniel serves as Healthcare Waste Management Specialist for our organization and ensures all medical waste containers from clients are appropriately disposed of before their next scheduled service date. This job demands high customer service standards with close attention paid to every detail.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation has provided tools to maintain mission-critical electrical systems on air, rail and marine vehicles for over seven decades. Many of their crimp tools are listed on the Department of Defense Qualified Product List (QPL). Based in the US with equipment calibrated according to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 standards.

Company also produces pneumatic wire strippers and the Safe-T-Cable, used to apply form crimps on safety cable. NC3 has collaborated with them in providing Precision Electrical Termination Certification courses across vo-tech schools nationwide.

Jalon Daniels, a football player for the University of Kansas, earned the 2023 Male Scholar Athlete of the Year honor. This marks an unprecedented achievement within school history!

Personal Life

Daniels is an engaging individual with an active personal life, taking an interest in cinema and theatre productions in Sydney as well as making spirituality part of his daily routine by following Bible teachings.

Tool was formed when guitarist Adam Jones met singer Maynard James Keenan. Their debut album, Undertow, was released in 1993 and achieved platinum status. Additionally, Tool gained fame through their music video for Prison Sex.

Daniels has not only become renowned for his musical career but is also a successful business owner. Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC), has been operating for more than seventy years providing application tooling for aerospace and high-reliability electronics industries; many of its tools are listed on the Department of Defense Qualified Products List.

Net Worth

Danny Carey has become widely-acclaimed for his work with progressive metal band Tool and has an estimated net worth of $50 Million. Additionally, he has contributed his talents to albums by Carole King, Green Jello, Meat Puppets Lusk Skinny Puppys and Adrian Belew – further adding value to his estimated total wealth.

He met guitarist Adam Jones and singer Maynard James Keenan to form their band in 1990, and their debut album Undertow quickly went platinum within one year of its release. Prison Sex, an offending music video was pulled off MTV due to its graphic nature.

Their following album, AEnima, garnered them the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance as well as topping charts. However, following its success they decided to go on an extended hiatus of five years before returning together again.

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