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A Look at Daniels Tools

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is an established leader in application tooling for aircraft, aerospace and high reliability electronics industries. Their production includes manual, battery-powered, pneumatic and electric crimp tools; backshell torque tools; contact insertion/removal tools and EMI/RFI shielding band tools. Additionally they make Alphatron wire crimp pull testers as well as Safe-T-Cable, an alternative time saver to Lockwire in secondary wiring harness support applications.

Early Life and Education

Daniels was born in Salisbury, a frontier town in New Hampshire. His grandfather, an Army veteran of the Revolutionary War and farmer with landholdings spanning more than 300 acres was also town leader while Richard Daniels, his father worked as both an engineer and chemistry teacher.

Daniels made history during his 11-year presidency at Purdue by seeing its assets and revenue more than double. Additionally, Daniels is highly esteemed business executive; having held various leadership roles within the pharmaceutical industry.

Daniels combines education and music by playing drums professionally for various bands including Green Jello, Pigmy Love Circus and Volto!. In his free time he enjoys spending time outdoors or participating in fast-paced sports, often visiting rural regions and faraway beaches during this pursuit.

Personal Life

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Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is widely considered to be a premier provider of application tooling for aerospace and high reliability electronics industries, having over sixty years of experience. Their offerings include manual, battery-powered, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic crimping tools; backshell torque tools; contact insertion/removal tools as well as EMI/RFI shielding band tools – as well as Alphatron wire crimp pull testers.

As a result, he spent much of his free time building up his business – which ultimately had an adverse impact on his mental health and led him to struggle with anxiety and depression.

Professional Career

Daniels began his career in poultry as a line inspector. Later on he switched over to another poultry slaughter facility in Hope, Arkansas.

As part of his duties for the USDA, he served as a poultry inspector responsible for inspecting chickens before they were sold commercially and also responsible for implementing process improvements and developing new methods of inspection.

DMC Tools – Daniels Manufacturing Corporation has long been recognized as a premier provider in the aerospace, aviation and high reliability electronics industries. For six decades their products have been relied upon on defense systems, aircraft programs, land or sea-going transport systems and space exploration programs – they manufacture manual, battery powered crimping tools; backshell torque tools; contact insertion/removal tools as well as EMI/RFI shielding band tools to name just some examples.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels’ philanthropy has made education accessible for students of all backgrounds and income levels. Her efforts have become a model for other institutions to follow and have inspired both students and teachers alike.

She has presented at multiple conferences to inspire and energise others to do the necessary work of closing achievement and graduation gaps while equipping students with tools they require for success both during high school and beyond.

Her work has also been recognized with multiple awards and honors, such as being named 2023 Male Scholar Athlete of the Year by Student Athlete NIL alongside Jordan, who was honored as a 2023 KU football player.

Net Worth

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